Opposite of MATURE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When exploring antonyms for the term “mature,” it is important to understand that antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to a given word. In the case of “mature,” antonyms would be words that describe qualities or characteristics that are the opposite of being mature or fully developed.

One of the primary antonyms for mature is “immature,” which refers to someone or something that lacks the qualities of being fully developed, grown-up, or responsible. Another antonym for mature is “childish,” which describes behavior or characteristics that are more suited to a child than to an adult.

By examining antonyms for mature such as “immature” and “childish,” we gain a clearer understanding of the range of qualities and characteristics that exist on the opposite end of the spectrum from being mature. Exploring these antonyms can help us better define and recognize the traits associated with maturity, as well as appreciate the diverse ways in which individuals and things can be described in relation to this concept.

35 Antonyms for MATURE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for mature. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding MATURE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Mature Sentence with Antonym
Childish She showed mature behavior in handling the situation. Her childish tantrums were becoming unbearable.
Immature He is very mature for his age. His immature pranks were getting on everyone’s nerves.
Juvenile The team’s mature approach led to success. Their juvenile behavior held them back from progressing.
Naive She had a mature outlook on life. His naive decisions proved to be costly.
Impractical It was mature of him to admit his mistake. His impractical plans rarely succeeded.
Irresponsible She handled the situation in a very mature way. His irresponsible behavior caused trouble for everyone.
Childlike You need to be more mature in your thinking. His childlike antics were no longer amusing.
Unsophisticated She showed mature judgment in that difficult situation. His unsophisticated approach was inadequate.
Inexperienced He showed a mature understanding of the situation. Her inexperienced actions caused more harm than good.
Puerile His mature response to criticism was commendable. His puerile sense of humor was off-putting.
Infantile She demonstrated a mature understanding of the issue. His infantile behavior was embarrassing to witness.
Childish Their mature handling of the conflict was impressive. His childish outburst only made things worse.
Juvenile She has a mature attitude towards challenges. His juvenile behavior reflected poorly on the team.
Unsophisticated He made a mature decision to resolve the issue. Her unsophisticated approach was ineffective.
Naive It was mature of you to apologize for your mistake. His naive belief in get-rich-quick schemes led to financial loss.
Immature She handled the situation in a mature manner. His immature behavior hampered progress.
Inexperienced He showed mature thinking in that challenging situation. Her inexperienced actions were a liability.
Irresponsible It was mature of him to take responsibility for the error. His irresponsible behavior tarnished his reputation.
Unsophisticated She displayed mature understanding in dealing with the crisis. His unsophisticated approach lacked finesse.
Infantile His mature handling of the situation impressed everyone. Her infantile behavior was seen as inappropriate.
Puerile She has a mature perspective on the issue. His puerile jokes were met with eye rolls.
Childlike How you handled that situation was mature of you. His childlike behavior made him the center of attention.
Juvenile She approached the problem with a mature mindset. His juvenile antics were no longer amusing.
Naive His mature reaction to the news was admirable. Her naive approach to the matter was concerning.
Impractical She demonstrated mature decision-making skills. His impractical suggestions were often dismissed.
Irresponsible It was mature for her to admit her mistake. His irresponsible behavior was a constant source of frustration.
Inexperienced He showed a mature understanding of the situation. Her inexperienced actions led to unfavorable outcomes.
Unsophisticated She dealt with the issue in a mature manner. His unsophisticated response was laughable.
Infantile Her mature response to criticism was commendable. His infantile behavior was intolerable.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of MATURE

Understanding the antonyms for mature can help us grasp the various qualities associated with immaturity. Characteristics such as childishness, naivety, and inexperience can serve as indicators of someone who is not yet fully developed or mature. By recognizing these opposite traits, we can better appreciate the differences between a mature individual and one who may still be developing emotionally, mentally, or socially.

It is important to acknowledge that everyone matures at their own pace and in their own way. Embracing immaturity as a natural part of growth allows us to empathize with others who may be on their unique journey towards maturity. By understanding and accepting these antonyms for mature, we can foster a greater sense of compassion and understanding towards individuals at different stages of development.

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