Opposite of MEDITATION – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for meditation refer to actions or mental states that are the opposite of focusing one’s mind and achieving a state of calm and relaxation. These antonyms involve activities or thought patterns that promote distraction, restlessness, and heightened mental activity instead of inner stillness and mindfulness.

While meditation involves a deliberate effort to quiet the mind and immerse oneself in the present moment, antonyms for meditation can include actions that disrupt this calm and centered state. Engaging in activities that stimulate the mind, encourage worry or rumination, or foster multitasking can all serve as antonyms for the practice of meditation.

By understanding the antonyms for meditation, individuals can become more aware of behaviors and thought patterns that hinder their ability to achieve inner peace and mental clarity. Being mindful of these opposing actions can help people make conscious choices to prioritize relaxation, focus, and self-awareness over distractions and mental turbulence.

35 Antonyms for MEDITATION With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for meditation. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding MEDITATION antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Meditation Sentence with Antonym
Chaos Meditating in a peaceful garden brings me clarity. Embracing the chaos of a busy street helps me feel energized.
Disturbance Meditation helps me calm my mind and relax. The constant noise and disturbance in the city make it hard to focus.
Disruption John finds meditation to be a beneficial practice. He dislikes any kind of disruption to his routine.
Agitation Sarah finds meditation to be grounding and calming. The constant noise outside only leads to agitation for her.
Turmoil Meditation allows me to find inner peace. When there’s turmoil in my life, I struggle to find any calm.
Discord The group gathered for meditation in silence. The community was in discord and disagreement over the issue.
Unrest Meditation helps me find mental stillness. The political climate is causing a lot of unrest in the country.
Commotion Taking time for meditation helps relieve stress. The busy market was filled with commotion and noise.
Anarchy Meditation brings focus and clarity to my mind. The situation in the country was chaotic, almost nearing anarchy.
Uproar Meditation allows me to focus on the present moment. The sudden uproar in the office led to a disruption in the meeting.
Confusion Todd practices meditation daily for mental clarity. The messy room caused a feeling of confusion in his mind.
Fracas Meditation brings a sense of peace and tranquility. The loud fracas outside disturbed her concentration.
Boisterousness Meditating in nature helps me feel connected. The constant boisterousness of the children made it hard to relax.
Bustle The quiet room is perfect for meditation practice. The city streets were filled with the loud bustle of people.
Tumult Rachel finds meditation soothing after a long day. The noisy tumult outside the window made it hard to think.
Violation Meditation at sunrise fills me with a sense of serenity. The constant violation of personal space in the crowded subway is disturbing.
Dissonance The couple meditates together to bond and connect. The underlying dissonance in their relationship led to frequent arguments.
Disorder Meditation helps me find peace in my mind. The messy room reflected the internal disorder she was feeling.
Tension Jared practices meditation for stress relief. The air was filled with tension as they waited for the announcement.
Disquiet Meditation allows me to be present in the moment. The feeling of disquiet in the room made it hard to focus.
Ruckus Meditating near the lake brings harmony to my soul. The loud ruckus of the construction site nearby was distracting.
Conflict Lisa enjoys meditation for inner peace and balance. The constant conflict between the two parties was causing distress.
Hassle Meditation helps me find calmness amidst chaos. Dealing with the daily hassle of commuting tires her out.
Pandemonium Meditating in solitude brings me a sense of calm. The sudden pandemonium in the busy market led to chaos.
Disorderliness Meditation allows me to clear my mind of clutter. The disorderliness of his thoughts was preventing him from focusing.
Noise Meditation helps me find clarity in my thoughts. The loud noise of the city streets disrupts his concentration.
Disagreement Peter finds meditation to be a grounding practice. The constant disagreement between the two sides was hindering progress.
Hubbub Meditating in the park brings me inner tranquility. The hubbub of the city square was overwhelming.
Inharmony Meditation brings a sense of unity within myself. The overall inharmony in the family was causing tension.
Disruption Meditating in silence helps me find mental peace. The constant disruption of construction noises was disturbing his concentration.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of MEDITATION

In conclusion, instead of focusing on meditation, individuals may opt for distraction by engaging in activities that keep them busy or occupied. While some may find solace in rumination, others might find comfort in avoiding prolonged periods of contemplation. Furthermore, rather than seeking tranquility, some may embrace chaos or excitement to break free from a mindset of stillness and calmness. Ultimately, there are various ways to achieve mental stimulation and relaxation beyond traditional practices of meditation.

By exploring different antonyms for meditation and considering alternative approaches to mindfulness, individuals can uncover new paths to inner peace and mental well-being. It is essential to recognize that diverse methods exist for achieving mental clarity and stress relief, catering to individual preferences and needs. While meditation remains a widely practiced and effective tool, acknowledging its antonyms sheds light on a spectrum of possibilities for cultivating a balanced state of mind.

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