Opposite of MOTHER – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for mother are words that express the opposite meaning or relationship to the term “mother.” These antonyms highlight contrasting roles or characteristics that differ from those traditionally associated with motherhood.

In linguistic terms, antonyms for mother serve as pairs of words that have opposite meanings, providing balance and diversity in the language. By exploring these antonyms, we can gain a deeper understanding of the multifaceted nature of relationships and societal expectations.

Examining antonyms for mother allows us to challenge conventional notions and stereotypes related to caregiving and family dynamics. Through language, we can broaden our perspectives and recognize the spectrum of roles and identities that exist beyond the traditional concept of motherhood.

35 Antonyms for MOTHER With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for mother. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding MOTHER antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Mother Sentence with Antonym
Stranger Mother hugged her children tightly. The stranger waved from afar.
Enemy She relied on her mother‘s wise advice. She avoided her enemy at all costs.
Father Mother prepared a delicious meal for the family. The children waited eagerly for their father‘s return.
Son Her mother always gave her the best advice. The young man looked just like his son.
Adult The mother took care of her children’s needs. He was old enough to make decisions, he was an adult.
Stranger Mother waited eagerly for her children’s return. She felt uneasy talking to a stranger in the park.
Rival She admired her mother‘s strength and resilience. Her colleague at work was her biggest rival.
Sister Mother and children spent the day at the park. Her sister was planning a surprise visit.
Enemy Her mother‘s love and care knew no bounds. She refused to make peace with her enemy.
Gentlemen Her mother appreciated good manners and politeness. He was known in the village as a true gentleman.
Daughter She owed everything to her mother‘s sacrifices. Her daughter had her mother’s eyes.
Friend The mother and her children shared a special bond. Her friend supported her through thick and thin.
Strangers Mother taught her children about stranger danger. She preferred to keep a distance from strangers.
Acquaintance Her mother always knew how to comfort her. She turned to her acquaintance in times of need.
Rival Her mother‘s approval meant everything to her. Her rival was ahead of her in every competition.
Ally Mother defended her children fiercely. They knew they could always rely on their ally.
Son She always valued her mother‘s advice. Her bright son brought joy to the family.
Father The mother and children sat down for a family meal. The father was doing some last-minute work in his study.
Brother Her mother always put her needs above her own. Her older brother teased her relentlessly.
Hostile Her mother‘s warm smile greeted her every morning. She couldn’t stand the hostile atmosphere at work.
Strangers She warned her children about talking to strangers. She felt more comfortable around familiar faces than strangers.
Foe She confided in her mother about her worries. She felt betrayed by her former foe.
Relative Mother planned a family gathering for the weekend. She had never met the distant relative before.
Protector Her mother shielded her from the harsh realities. He saw himself as her protector in times of trouble.
Offspring The mother was proud of her children’s successes. Their various pets included cats, dogs, and even offspring.
Benefactor Mother selflessly gave her time and energy to her children. The anonymous benefactor had helped them through hard times.
Parent The mother lovingly tucked her children into bed. The elephant displayed parental care for its calf.
Descendant Her mother‘s legacy lived on through her actions. The historians traced the descendant of a royal lineage.
Nemesis She found peace in her mother‘s comforting presence. Her work colleague was her biggest professional nemesis.
Older Her mother shared wisdom gained over the years. The post was meant for older applicants with experience.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of MOTHER

In summation, the antonyms for mother encompass words like stranger, enemy, or antagonist. While a mother is typically associated with love, care, and nurturing, the opposite can be represented by these contrasting terms. A stranger is someone unknown, an enemy evokes hostility, and an antagonist can symbolize opposition. These antonyms emphasize the unique and irreplaceable role that a mother plays in our lives, showcasing the stark contrast between her unconditional love and the absence or negativity that the antonyms imply.

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