Opposite of MULTIPLE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. When looking for antonyms for multiple, consider words that signify singular or one instead. These antonyms serve as a useful way to convey singular or individual ideas when the concept of multiple is not applicable or desired.

Exploring antonyms for multiple can help clarify communication by offering alternatives that express singular ideas. By using these antonyms effectively, you can refine your language and convey your message more precisely. Consider incorporating these antonyms into your writing or speech to enhance clarity and convey singular concepts effectively.

35 Antonyms for MULTIPLE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for multiple. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding MULTIPLE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Multiple Sentence with Antonym
Single She received multiple awards at the ceremony. She received a single award at the ceremony.
One There were multiple options available to choose from. There was only one option available to choose from.
Unique The artist created multiple copies of the painting. The artist created a unique painting.
Individual They were part of a multiple team working on the project. They were working on the project as individuals.
Exclusive The event was attended by multiple VIP guests. The event was attended exclusively by VIP guests.
Few The store had multiple items on sale. The store had few items on sale.
Limited There was a multiple amount of time given to complete the task. There was a limited amount of time given to complete the task.
Solitary He preferred to work with multiple partners on the project. He preferred to work solitarily on the project.
Only It was the multiple option available for us to choose from. It was the only option available for us to choose from.
Unique The snowflake was multiple and distinct. The snowflake was unique and distinct.
Individual In a group of multiple people, she stood out as an individual. In a group of people, she was not seen as an individual.
Excluded Everyone was invited except for multiple individuals. Multiple individuals were excluded from the event.
Particular The restaurant had multiple dishes on the menu. The restaurant had a few particular dishes on the menu.
Specific The instructions were given in multiple steps. The instructions were given in one specific step.
Rare It was a multiple occurrence in that town. It was a rare occurrence in that town.
Separate They lived in multiple houses on the same street. They lived in separate houses on the same street.
Unified The team consisted of multiple players from different backgrounds. The team consisted of unified players from the same background.
Diverse The store offered multiple products, catering to different tastes. The store offered a limited range of products, catering to a specific taste.
Simple The problem had multiple solutions available. The problem had a simple solution available.
Scarce Despite the drought, there were multiple water sources in the region. Due to the drought, water sources were scarce in the region.
Identical The twins were multiple in appearance. The twins were identical in appearance.
Alike The siblings looked anything but multiple. The siblings looked alike.
Inclusive The activity was open to multiple age groups. The activity was only for a specific age group, not inclusive.
Combined The ingredients were used in multiple dishes. The ingredients were combined into one dish.
Joint They made the decision as multiple leaders of the company. They made the decision as a joint leader of the company.
Part The task was divided into multiple sections. The task was completed as a whole, not in parts or multiples.
Simple There were multiple steps involved in the process. There was only one simple step involved in the process.
Plentiful The garden had multiple flowers blooming. The garden had plentiful flowers blooming.
Alone Despite the party, he felt multiple in the crowd. Despite the party, he felt alone in the crowd.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of MULTIPLE

In conclusion, using a variety of antonyms for “multiple” can help diversify your language and avoid repetition in writing or speech. Rather than repeatedly using words like “numerous,” “many,” or “several,” you can incorporate alternatives such as “singular,” “individual,” or “sole.” This approach not only enhances the clarity and flow of your communication but also adds richness and depth to your expressions.

By incorporating a mix of antonyms for “multiple” in your vocabulary, you can effectively convey your thoughts with precision and sophistication. This technique allows for a more engaging and dynamic use of language, making your writing or speaking more compelling and memorable.

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