Opposite of MUSTER – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for muster are words or phrases that represent the opposite of gathering, assembling, or collecting. These antonyms describe scenarios where things are not being brought together or organized in a unified manner. When we think of muster, we envision a process of summoning or rallying individuals or resources for a specific purpose or task.

The opposite of muster involves dispersing, scattering, or disbanding elements instead of consolidating them. Antonyms for muster indicate situations where people or items are not being gathered or marshaled for a common objective. The array of antonyms for muster encompasses a variety of terms that convey the disintegration or separation of entities rather than their combination or unity.

Understanding the antonyms for muster is crucial for grasping the nuances of language and communication. By recognizing these opposites of gathering and rallying, we enhance our vocabulary and our ability to express a wider range of ideas and concepts. Examining the antonyms for muster sheds light on diverse ways in which actions or objects can diverge from the conventional notion of coming together.

35 Antonyms for MUSTER With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for muster. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding MUSTER antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Muster Sentence with Antonym
Disband The soldiers will muster at dawn. After the war, the army will disband.
Scatter Let’s muster all our resources for the project. It’s better not to scatter our efforts.
Disperse The general ordered the troops to muster. At the end of the battle, the troops will disperse.
Break up They mustered their strength for the competition. The team decided to break up after the loss.
Separate The villagers will muster for the annual festival. Instead of coming together, they will separate.
Divide The political party is trying to muster support. Instead of uniting, they will divide.
Fritter Don’t muster your energy on small tasks. Make sure not to fritter away your strength.
Dissipate They managed to muster a strong defense. The focus of the team seems to dissipate quickly.
Dismantle The protestors will muster at the town square. The authorities may attempt to dismantle the protest.
Dissolve The team must muster their courage for the mission. Their resolve could easily dissolve under pressure.
Defer Let’s muster our resources for the charity event. We should not defer the allocation of funds.
Scuttle The sailors will muster on the deck. Quickly before the storm, they will scuttle away.
Break down With determination, the volunteers managed to muster. When faced with obstacles, their efforts might break down.
Withdraw The union plans to muster for increased benefits. If negotiations fail, they may withdraw their demands.
Unite The community is set to muster for a cleanup drive. It’s an opportunity for the residents to unite.
Combine They will muster all available resources for the project. It’s essential to combine efforts for greater impact.
Disorganize The team must muster for the final round. Lack of coordination can easily disorganize the members.
Scatter Let’s muster our strength for the marathon. Instead of spreading out, we should avoid scattering.
Dismiss They need to muster support for the initiative. Without it, they risk being dismissed altogether.
Cancel The students will muster for the upcoming quiz. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the quiz may cancel.
Terminate We must muster all our courage for this challenge. An early setback could lead us to terminate our efforts.
Disband The team was able to muster under pressure. Should the team fail, they might have to disband.
Defuse Let’s muster our resources for this emergency. With adequate planning, we can defuse the situation.
Neglect The employees must muster for the crucial meeting. Failure to do so may suggest they neglect their duties.
Recapitulate The delegates will muster for the peace talks. After the talks, they may need to recapitulate the main points.
Disunite It’s important to muster our resolve in tough times. In moments of weakness, we risk being disunited.
Subdue The team had to muster extra energy for the final push. The pressure of the situation threatened to subdue them.
Clutter They aim to muster their resources for the expedition. To avoid confusion, they should not clutter their preparations.
Disarray The troops quickly mustered after the attack. The chaos left by the attack might disarray their formation.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of MUSTER

In conclusion, while some may struggle to gather, amass, or accumulate their resources, others effortlessly assemble, marshal, and unite their strengths. Similarly, while certain individuals may find it challenging to summon, rally, or mobilize their abilities, others can easily disperse, scatter, or disband their efforts. The varying degrees of ease or difficulty in mustering one’s capabilities highlight the diverse perspectives and experiences people have when it comes to leveraging their skills and talents. Ultimately, recognizing and embracing these differences can lead to a more inclusive and understanding approach to collaborating and achieving collective goals.

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