Opposite of NEGLECT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for neglect are words that convey the opposite meaning of neglect. Neglect is the act of failing to care for or pay attention to something or someone, while antonyms for neglect emphasize the concept of attentiveness, care, and consideration. Understanding antonyms for neglect allows for a clearer understanding of the importance of actively caring for and looking after various aspects of life.

By exploring antonyms for neglect, individuals can enhance their communication skills and broaden their vocabulary. These antonyms provide a range of words that highlight the significance of nurturing, maintaining, and tending to responsibilities, relationships, and tasks. Antonyms for neglect promote the idea of vigilance, diligence, and mindfulness in fulfilling duties and obligations, fostering a sense of responsibility and accountability.

Incorporating antonyms for neglect into everyday language can inspire a more proactive and thoughtful approach to handling commitments and interactions. These words serve as reminders to prioritize care, attention, and upkeep in all facets of life, encouraging individuals to be more conscientious and engaged. Utilizing antonyms for neglect can lead to improved well-being, productivity, and relationships through a focus on attentiveness and conscientiousness.

35 Antonyms for NEGLECT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for neglect. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding NEGLECT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Neglect Sentence with Antonym
Care He neglected his plants while on vacation. He cared for his plants diligently while on vacation.
Attend The teacher neglected to grade the papers. The teacher made sure to attend to grading the papers.
Nurture Neglecting your health can lead to serious issues. It is important to nurture your health to prevent issues.
Look after She neglected her responsibilities at work. She is always sure to look after her responsibilities at work.
Maintain The landlord has been neglecting the property. The landlord is now working to maintain the property regularly.
Protect Parents should never neglect their children. Parents should always strive to protect their children.
Attend to The doctor neglected the patient’s needs. The doctor promptly attended to the patient’s needs.
Cherish If you neglect your friendships, they may fade away. It is important to cherish your friendships to keep them strong.
Preserve The museum neglected the ancient artifacts. The museum is committed to preserving the ancient artifacts.
Tend She neglected her garden and it became overgrown. She decided to tend to her garden regularly to keep it neat.
Uphold The manager neglected the company’s policies. The manager made sure to uphold the company’s policies.
Embrace By neglecting opportunities, you limit your growth. It is important to embrace opportunities to expand your horizons.
Foster They neglected the relationship and it suffered. They worked together to foster the relationship and make it stronger.
Support Neglecting their needs could strain their friendship. It is crucial to support their needs to maintain a strong friendship.
Attend to They often neglect their household chores. They decided to attend to their household chores promptly.
Encourage Neglecting her artistic talents was a missed opportunity. She decided to encourage her artistic talents and showcase them.
Respect It is essential not to neglect the feelings of others. Always remember to respect the feelings of others.
Meticulous He was known for neglecting the finer details. He was meticulous and never missed a detail.
Focus By neglecting her studies, her grades suffered. She decided to focus on her studies to improve her grades.
Guard Neglecting your safety could lead to accidents. Always remember to guard your safety to prevent accidents.
Address She neglected to address the issues at hand. She made it a priority to address the issues at hand.
Pay attention He neglected to pay attention during the meeting. He made sure to pay attention during the entire meeting.
Oversee She neglected to oversee the project and it failed. She took initiative to oversee the project and ensure its success.
Admire Neglecting her achievements diminishes her self-worth. It is important to admire her achievements and boost her confidence.
Protect It is important not to neglect the environment. We must make efforts to protect the environment.
Resolve By neglecting conflicts, they can escalate. They decided to resolve conflicts promptly to maintain peace.
Engage She neglected to engage in the conversation. She actively made an effort to engage in the conversation.
Regard Do not neglect to regard the opinions of others. Always remember to regard the opinions of others.
Prompt They neglected to take prompt action and missed the opportunity. They took prompt action to seize the opportunity.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of NEGLECT

It is crucial to show care and attention to avoid overlooking important tasks or responsibilities. Prioritizing, maintaining, and nurturing relationships, projects, or duties are key to preventing neglect. When we neglect to pay heed, we risk damaging connections and missing out on opportunities for growth and progress. Conversely, when we take the time to prioritize, tend to, and cherish what is important, we can cultivate thriving and fulfilling experiences in various aspects of our lives. By valuing and giving due consideration to our commitments, we can avoid the pitfalls of neglect and foster a more balanced and productive existence.

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