Opposite of OBJECTIVE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for objective are descriptors that represent views, opinions, or perspectives that are subjective, biased, or influenced by personal feelings. Unlike objective statements that are based on facts and evidence, antonyms for objective reflect individual interpretations and emotions.

Subjective viewpoints are often shaped by personal experiences, beliefs, and emotions, rather than relying on verifiable data or impartial analysis. As a result, antonyms for objective can introduce bias, prejudice, or partiality into discussions, decisions, or assessments. By recognizing and understanding antonyms for objective, individuals can better navigate differing viewpoints and evaluate information critically.

Acknowledging antonyms for objective can help individuals recognize the importance of considering multiple perspectives, cultivating empathy, and promoting open-mindedness in discussions or debates. By being aware of subjective viewpoints and biases, individuals can strive for a more balanced, inclusive, and well-rounded understanding of complex issues and topics.

35 Antonyms for OBJECTIVE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for objective. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding OBJECTIVE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Objective Sentence with Antonym
Subjective The experiment was conducted with objective analysis. The decision was based on her subjective feelings.
Biased It is essential to remain objective when evaluating evidence. His review of the artwork was clearly biased.
Partial The journalist presented a objective account of the events. Her views on the topic were visibly partial.
Impartial The judge’s ruling was fair and objective. It is hard to remain impartial when discussing personal matters.
Neutral The mediator took on a objective stance in the conflict. She could not stay neutral on the controversial issue.
Opinionated She prefers objective news sources for accurate information. He is known for being highly opinionated on various topics.
Unbiased The investigation was carried out in an objective manner. The report was perceived as unbiased by all stakeholders.
Dispassionate His objective demeanor during the crisis was commendable. She could not maintain a dispassionate attitude and burst into tears.
Detached The architect stayed objective while redesigning the building. His writing style is not detached but rather engaging and emotional.
Partisan In politics, it is crucial to maintain an objective standpoint. His strong beliefs made him openly partisan in the discussion.
Objective As a journalist, she aims to provide an objective perspective. The editor’s comments were highly subjective and personalized.
Biased The CEO’s decision was based on objective data analysis. His reviews are often criticized for being biased and unreliable.
Fair The teacher graded the assignments in an objective manner. Her behavior was anything but fair during the dispute.
Prejudiced The report was an objective presentation of the facts. Her remarks were clearly prejudiced against certain groups.
Impartial A judge must always remain objective and impartial. It is difficult to be both partial and impartial in the same argument.
Neutral A mediator should possess neutral and objective qualities. He could not stay neutral and was swayed by personal biases.
Opinionated She believes in presenting objective views without bias. He is overly opinionated and refuses to consider other perspectives.
Unbiased The scientist’s findings were objective and unbiased. His investigation seemed sloppy and not unbiased.
Emotionless Their approach to the situation was calm and objective. The speech was missing human elements and came off as emotionless.
Subjective The document provided an objective analysis of the situation. Her account was entirely subjective and lacked factual evidence.
Partial The journalist maintained an objective viewpoint on the issue. Her response was clearly partial and favored one side over the other.
Impartial The jury must be objective and impartial in their decision. Her views were far from impartial and reflected a personal bias.
Biased His perspective was influenced by objective and factual data. The reporter’s coverage was widely criticized as biased journalism.
Fair The coach prided himself on being objective and fair. The referee’s decisions were not seen as fair and showed favoritism.
Prejudiced It is important to make objective and unprejudiced decisions. He is known for his prejudiced statements that lack any basis in fact.
Partiality A scientific study should strive for objective and lacks partiality. Her review was clearly influenced by partiality and personal opinions.
Neutrality The journalist’s commitment to objective reporting avoids neutrality. Her lack of neutrality was apparent through her reporting style.
Opinionated It is vital to maintain an objective approach over being opinionated. He tends to be overly opinionated on various matters and does not listen to others.
Unbiased The investigation will be conducted in an objective and unbiased manner. His actions were far from unbiased and showed favoritism.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of OBJECTIVE

In everyday language, the opposite of objective is subjective. While objective relates to facts and evidence, subjective is associated with personal opinions and feelings. When one is subjective, they are influenced by their own thoughts and biases rather than relying on impartial observations. Objective decisions are based on verifiable information, while subjective decisions are more influenced by individual experiences. Striking a balance between being objective and subjective can lead to a holistic understanding of a situation, considering both logical reasoning and personal perspectives. It’s crucial to recognize when our judgments might be clouded by subjectivity and strive to approach situations with objectivity to make well-informed decisions.

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