Opposite of OBVIOUS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When looking to communicate in a more nuanced and sophisticated manner, it can be beneficial to explore antonyms for obvious. Antonyms are words that express the opposite meaning of other words, offering a way to add depth and complexity to your language. By incorporating antonyms for obvious into your vocabulary, you can convey subtleties and intricacies that may have been overlooked.

These antonyms provide a valuable tool for writers, speakers, and communicators to enhance their expression and convey a wide range of meanings. By using antonyms for obvious, you can add layers of interpretation and invite your audience to engage more actively with your message. This can lead to a richer and more fulfilling communication experience, allowing for greater precision and clarity in your interactions.

Exploring antonyms for obvious opens up a world of possibilities for expressing ideas with greater finesse and nuance. Whether in written or spoken form, incorporating these antonyms into your repertoire can elevate your communication skills and help you convey your thoughts and feelings with more depth and subtlety.

35 Antonyms for OBVIOUS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for obvious. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding OBVIOUS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Obvious Sentence with Antonym
Unclear The answer was obvious to everyone. The solution was unclear to everyone.
Hidden His intentions were obvious from the start. Her motives were hidden from everyone.
Ambiguous The instructions were obvious and easy to follow. His speech was ambiguous and hard to understand.
Cryptic The message was obvious and straightforward. The email was cryptic and hard to decipher.
Vague Her hints were obvious and easy to catch. His clues were vague and confusing.
Deceptive Her smile was obvious and genuine. His grin was deceptive and insincere.
Hidden The truth was obvious despite their denials. The lie was hidden beneath their words.
Uncertain The path forward was obvious and clear. The direction was uncertain and confusing.
Elusive The solution seemed obvious once it was found. The answer remained elusive despite efforts.
Covert The plan was obvious to everyone in the room. Their scheme was covert and unknown to others.
Opaque The text was obvious in its meaning. The passage was opaque and difficult to read.
Imperceptible The change was obvious to all who observed. The transition was imperceptible to most.
Indistinct The sounds were obvious in the quiet room. The noises were indistinct and hard to place.
Clouded Her emotions were obvious in her expression. His feelings remained clouded and hidden.
Disguised His identity was obvious to those who knew him. His true self was disguised from public view.
Unapparent The flaws were obvious upon close inspection. The defects were unapparent at first glance.
Imperceivable The scent was obvious as they walked in. The fragrance was imperceivable until closer.
Unclear The path to success seemed obvious to all. The road to failure was unclear and hidden.
Enigmatic The meaning was obvious upon reading the text. The message was enigmatic and open to debate.
Ambiguous The statement was obvious in its intent. The message was ambiguous and hard to grasp.
Opaque The message was obvious upon reflection. The email was opaque and difficult to decipher.
Discreet The plan was obvious to all who were involved. Their strategy was discreet and under wraps.
Latent The potential was obvious in her young talent. The abilities lay latent until unlocked.
Covert The intention was obvious through his actions. The motive was covert and well-concealed.
Blockaded The obvious path was clear for them to follow. The blockaded route caused them to turn back.
Sealed The fate of the book was obvious as they read on. The ending remained sealed until the last page.
Masked His emotions were obvious in his facial reactions. Her feelings were masked and not easily seen.
Shrouded The intentions were obvious to those paying attention. His motives were shrouded in mystery.
Veiled The truth was obvious despite their attempts to hide it. The reality remained veiled from view.
Unrecognizable His features were obvious in the family portrait. The figure was unrecognizable in the photo.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of OBVIOUS

In conclusion, while some information may not be immediately apparent or self-evident, it does not mean that it lacks significance or value. Just because something is not blatant or conspicuous does not diminish its importance or impact. The subtleties and nuances present in less overt concepts or ideas can often provide depth and complexity that is not always present in more obvious or straightforward situations. Therefore, it is essential to consider the less obvious aspects of a matter to gain a more comprehensive understanding and appreciate the richness that can be found beyond what is immediately apparent.

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