Opposite of OFTEN – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for “often” are words that represent the opposite of frequent or regular occurrences. These antonyms signify infrequency or rare instances.

One antonym for “often” conveys an occasional or sporadic nature, indicating events that happen only from time to time or with irregularity.

Another antonym for “often” suggests a scarcity or scarcity of occurrences, pointing to events that happen rarely, seldom, or few and far between.

35 Antonyms for OFTEN With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for often. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding OFTEN antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Often Sentence with Antonym
Rare She often misses her train She rarely misses her train
Seldom He is often late for work He is seldom late for work
Infrequent They often go hiking They go hiking infrequently
Rarely The bus is often crowded The bus is rarely crowded
Occasional She supports our events often She supports our events occasionally
Not often He eats out often He does not eat out often
Scarcely He is often absent from school He is scarcely absent from school
Few and far between Rain falls often in this city Rain falls few and far between in this city
At times She often gets angry She gets angry at times
Every now and then I often take walks in the park I take walks in the park every now and then
Hardly ever He often forgets his keys He hardly ever forgets his keys
Once in a blue moon They often visit their grandparents They visit their grandparents once in a blue moon
Infrequently She often bakes cookies She bakes cookies infrequently
Rare as hen’s teeth He is often sick He is rare as hen’s teeth sick
On occasion He often goes running He goes running on occasion
Once in a while They often argue over trivial matters They argue over trivial matters once in a while
Hardly ever They often go to the cinema They hardly ever go to the cinema
Every so often He often helps his neighbors He helps his neighbors every so often
Never She often takes the scenic route She never takes the scenic route
In very rare cases She is often late for meetings She is late for meetings in very rare cases
Infrequent He often travels for work He travels for work infrequent
Scarce The sun is often shining The sun is scarce shining
Once in a blue moon They exercise often They exercise once in a blue moon
From time to time She often volunteers at the shelter She volunteers at the shelter from time to time
Occasionally He often works late He works late occasionally
Hardly ever They often talk about politics They hardly ever talk about politics
Sparse The trees are often bare The trees are sparse
Uncommon She often wears bright colors She wears bright colors uncommonly
Little He is often in a bad mood He is little in a bad mood
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of OFTEN

In conclusion, instead of frequently engaging in an activity, some individuals only participate occasionally or sporadically. This variance in behavior can lead to a different level of familiarity or proficiency in a particular task. While many people may perform tasks regularly, others may do so infrequently, resulting in a contrast in experience or expertise. It is important to recognize and adapt to these differences in frequency to better understand and support individuals with varying engagement levels in different activities.

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