Opposite of OPPORTUNITY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for opportunity are those words that represent situations or conditions that hinder or limit the possibility of progress, growth, or advancement. They are essentially the opposite of opportunities, which are favorable circumstances that allow for success or development.

When we consider antonyms for opportunity, we are looking at terms that suggest barriers, obstacles, or challenges that impede individuals or organizations from taking advantage of favorable chances. These antonyms reflect adverse conditions that may restrict one’s potential, prevent growth, or create setbacks in achieving goals.

By exploring the antonyms for opportunity, we gain a deeper understanding of the various factors that can stand in the way of progress and success. Recognizing these opposite terms helps us identify and address obstacles that may arise, leading to a more comprehensive approach to navigating challenges and optimizing our chances for growth and achievement.

35 Antonyms for OPPORTUNITY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for opportunity. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding OPPORTUNITY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Opportunity Sentence with Antonym
Refusal She was given an opportunity to showcase her skills. She was met with refusal when she tried to showcase her skills.
Failure Missing this opportunity could result in failure. Taking this antonym could result in success.
Rejection He felt dejected after the opportunity was rejected. He felt encouraged after the rejection was accepted.
Blockage The roadblock in front of her was a golden opportunity. The roadblock in front of her was a missed blockage.
Hindrance The opportunity to excel was hindered by lack of resources. The hindrance to excel was accompanied by abundant resources.
Setback The unexpected opportunity turned out to be a major setback. The expected setback turned into a significant opportunity.
Obstruction They faced an opportunity when the obstruction was cleared. They faced an obstruction when the opportunity was blocked.
Constraint The financial opportunity lifted the constraints on their budget. The financial constraint increased limitations on their budget.
Denial Their proposal was met with an exciting opportunity. Their proposal was met with an unexpected denial.
Halt She decided to grab the opportunity before it came to a halt. She decided to wait for the halt before seizing the opportunity.
Dissuasion The convincing opportunity was enough to overcome any dissuasion. The convincing dissuasion was enough to ignore the opportunity.
Repudiation The opportunity was welcomed amidst the repudiation. The repudiation was welcomed amidst the opportunity.
Discouragement Overcoming discouragement led to numerous opportunities. Succumbing to opportunity led to constant discouragement.
Pessimism The optimism stemming from the opportunity was contagious. The pessimism stemming from gloomy prophecies overshadowed the opportunity.
Hesitation The bold step forward led to an unforeseen opportunity. The hesitation to act resulted in missing a valuable hesitation.
Avoidance The urge to explore the unknown presented itself as an opportunity. The urge to stick to familiarity presented itself as an avoidance.
Disqualification The alluring opportunity disqualified some candidates. The alluring disqualification qualified other candidates.
Complacency The constant seeking of challenging opportunities overcame complacency. The continuous complacency hindered the discovery of challenging opportunities.
Limitation The vast opportunity to grow knew no limitations. The vast limitation to grow confined progress.
Stagnation The opportunity for change brought an end to stagnation. The persistence in stagnation led to missed opportunities.
Constraint The abundant opportunity allowed for creativity beyond constraints. The abundant constraint stifled creativity within opportunities.
Disincentive Instead of a mere opportunity, the incentive provided a disincentive. The disincentive outweighed the so-called opportunity.
Decline A gradual rise followed the unexpected opportunity. A gradual decline followed the unexpected decline.
Idle The bustling city was full of work opportunity. The bustling city was devoid of any work idle.
Setback Despite the setback, numerous opportunities came knocking. Due to the opportunities, many setbacks were encountered.
Standstill Breaking the standstill paved the way for new possibilities. Embracing the opportunity meant defeating the standstill.
Inaction The action-packed adventure led to numerous opportunities. The inaction led to missed opportunities at every turn.
Sorrowful The joy of an exciting opportunity brought smiles to their faces. The sorrowful news of missed opportunities cast a shadow on their faces.
Denial Accepting the opportunity required overcoming denial. Accepting the denial was synonymous with rejecting the opportunity.
Deprivation The abundance of opportunity offset the deprivation of resources. The deprivation of opportunity resulted in a lack despite abundant resources.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of OPPORTUNITY

In life, we encounter moments when chances are scarce and hurdles are plentiful. These moments, devoid of opportunities, demand resilience and creativity to navigate through challenges. Instead of waiting for chances to come knocking on our door, we must actively seek out solutions and create our own pathways to success.

By acknowledging the absence of opportunities as a chance to grow and innovate, we can transform setbacks into stepping stones toward our goals. Embracing these times of scarcity as learning opportunities enables us to develop a mindset of resourcefulness and adaptability, ultimately paving the way for personal and professional growth.

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