Opposite of OPPOSE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for oppose refer to words or phrases that convey a sentiment contrasting with resisting or being against a particular idea, action, or belief. When discussing antonyms for oppose, it is essential to explore words that signify support, agreement, or cooperation instead of defiance or objection.

These antonyms serve to broaden our understanding of various perspectives, allowing for a more comprehensive analysis of different viewpoints and attitudes. By identifying antonyms for oppose, individuals can communicate more effectively, fostering constructive dialogue and collaboration in discussions or conflicts where opposing viewpoints may arise.

In academic, professional, or even personal settings, being aware of antonyms for oppose can enrich communication by enabling individuals to express agreement or concurrence in a clear and concise manner. Understanding and utilizing these antonyms can help promote mutual understanding, harmony, and unity in interactions where opposing stances need to be balanced or reconciled.

35 Antonyms for OPPOSE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for oppose. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding OPPOSE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Oppose Sentence with Antonym
Support The community opposed the new construction project. The community voted to support the new construction project.
Approve The board of directors opposed the proposal. The board of directors decided to approve the proposal.
Agree I oppose the idea of raising taxes. I completely agree with the idea of raising taxes.
Aid The government opposes their plan for financial aid. The government is willing to provide aid with their financial plan.
Assist He opposes my efforts to help with the project. He is willing to assist with my efforts in the project.
Allow The school board opposed the use of cellphones. The school board decided to allow the use of cellphones.
Back The senator opposes the new immigration bill. The senator is known to back the new immigration bill.
Champion The team opposed their rival in the final match. The team emerged as the champion in the final match.
Help She opposes the use of technology in the classroom. She believes that technology can significantly help in the classroom.
Favor The company opposes the idea of cutting employee benefits. The company is in favor of maintaining employee benefits.
Advocate The group opposed the new policy on environmental protection. The group strongly advocates for the new policy on environmental protection.
Accept They oppose the terms of the contract. They finally accepted the terms of the contract.
Agree with I oppose his views on the subject. I actually agree with his views on the subject.
Advocate for The protestors opposed the construction of the new highway. The activists are advocating for the construction of the new highway.
Obey The rebellious group opposes authority figures. The group is known to obey authority figures without question.
Concur The board members opposed the budget proposal. The board members concurred on the budget proposal.
Concede She opposes losing the argument. She had to concede defeat in the argument.
Promote The team opposed their rival in the championship game. The team aims to promote unity and sportsmanship in the championship game.
Uphold The party opposes the decision made by the court. The party is determined to uphold the decision made by the court.
Surrender He opposes giving up control of the company. He is ready to surrender control of the company.
Agree on They opposed the terms of the agreement. They finally agreed on the terms of the agreement.
Side with I oppose the popular opinion on the matter. I usually tend to side with the popular opinion on the matter.
Consent The group opposes the new building project. The group agreed to consent to the new building project.
Comply The group opposes the rules and regulations. The group is expected to comply with the rules and regulations.
Contest They opposed the decision made by the judges. They are preparing to contest the decision made by the judges.
Recommend The committee opposes the changes proposed. The committee is likely to recommend the changes proposed.
Advocate against The student body opposed the administration’s new policy. The group is prepared to advocate against the administration’s new policy.
Endorse The organization opposes the candidate’s campaign. The organization decided to endorse the candidate’s campaign.
Patronize The group opposes the local business. The group is more inclined to patronize the local business.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of OPPOSE

In conclusion, while some may advocate against certain ideas, it’s important to remember that supporting alternatives and seeking common ground can often lead to more effective communication and collaboration. Instead of resisting change, embracing new perspectives and working together can pave the way for progress and growth. By shifting focus from opposition to cooperation, we can foster a more harmonious and inclusive society where diverse viewpoints are valued and respected. Let’s strive to build bridges instead of walls, and promote understanding and unity amidst differing opinions.

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