Opposite of OPPOSITION – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for opposition are words that convey the opposite meaning of resistance or disagreement. Instead of representing a barrier or hindrance, these antonyms suggest cooperation, agreement, or alignment with a particular idea or stance. In essence, they offer a different perspective by indicating a harmonious or supportive relationship rather than a conflicting one.

By providing a contrasting viewpoint to opposition, antonyms serve to enhance understanding and promote inclusivity in communication and discussions. When used effectively, antonyms for opposition can help bridge divides, encourage collaboration, and foster a sense of unity among individuals or groups with differing opinions. This linguistic tool adds depth and nuance to language by highlighting alternative approaches and fostering mutual respect in conversations.

Understanding and employing antonyms for opposition can lead to more constructive dialogue, foster open communication, and encourage a spirit of compromise and consensus-building. By recognizing and incorporating these antonyms into our vocabulary and interactions, we can create a more inclusive and harmonious environment where diverse perspectives are valued and considered.

35 Antonyms for OPPOSITION With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for opposition. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding OPPOSITION antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Opposition Sentence with Antonym
Agreement There was strong opposition to the new policy. There was a unanimous agreement on the proposal.
Harmony The two political parties were in opposition on the issue. The two political parties were in perfect harmony regarding the matter.
Support The opposition to the project was overwhelming. The support for the project was widespread.
Consensus There was widespread opposition to the new law. The decision was made with a full consensus.
Alliance The two countries were in opposition during the negotiations. The two countries formed a strategic alliance.
Aid She faced stiff opposition from her colleagues. She received strong aid from her team members.
Approval The proposal was met with opposition from the board members. The proposal was met with overwhelming approval.
Accord The two groups were in opposition regarding the merger deal. The two groups were in accord on the merger agreement.
Concur She was in complete opposition to his views. She completely concurred with what he said.
Aid The team faced significant opposition during the match. The team received valuable aid from the coach.
Siding He stood in firm opposition to the new regulations. He found himself siding with the new regulations.
Backing Many employees expressed opposition to the new policy. Many employees showed their backing for the new policy.
Unanimous The decision was made despite strong opposition. The decision was made with unanimous agreement.
Conformity The group’s opposition to the rule was evident. The group’s conformity to the rule was unquestionable.
Proponent The senator vehemently expressed his opposition to the bill. The senator was a strong proponent of the bill.
Compliance His opposition to the guidelines caused delays in the project. His compliance with the guidelines ensured smooth progress.
Peacefulness The opposition between the two countries led to war. The peacefulness between the two countries averted conflict.
Cooperation The lack of opposition hindered progress on the project. The high level of cooperation facilitated success.
Concede She refused to back down despite facing strong opposition. She was willing to concede to avoid any conflict.
Collaboration Among the team members, opposition on the project was evident. Among the team members, collaboration on the project was exceptional.
Friendship Their opposition during the debate was fierce. Their friendship during the debate was evident.
Alignment There was clear opposition between the two departments. There was complete alignment between the two departments.
Resister The group stood as a unified force in opposition to the new policy. The resisters supported the new policy wholeheartedly.
Differ The two artists were always in opposition over their styles. Despite their different styles, the two artists would rarely differ on matters.
Partisan He faced opposition from partisan groups during the election. He had partisan groups that were strong supporters.
Supporter The candidate had both strong opposition and loyal supporters. While some were against him, many remained loyal supporters.
Harmony The opposition between the two groups intensified. The two groups found a way to achieve harmony.
Concur They did not concur on the best plan of action. They were in complete opposition regarding the course of action.
Acknowledge Despite his strong opposition, he had to acknowledge the success of the project. Despite his strong disagreement, he had to acknowledge the success of the project.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of OPPOSITION

Understanding and embracing diverse perspectives is key to fostering unity and collaboration. Instead of conflict and resistance, harmony can be achieved through cooperation and agreement. By prioritizing cooperation over opposition, we can work towards finding common ground and mutual understanding.

Rather than focusing on division, let us strive for harmony by valuing concordance and unity. Embracing agreement and harmony leads to increased collaboration and progress, where different viewpoints can contribute positively to achieving shared goals. By embracing these antonyms for opposition, we can build stronger relationships and work together towards a brighter future.

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