Opposite of PREEN – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for preen refer to actions or behaviors that are the opposite of grooming oneself meticulously or expressing pride in one’s appearance. Instead of showcasing confidence and vanity, antonyms for preen involve behaviors that suggest modesty, disinterest, or neglect in personal grooming.

When we talk about antonyms for preen, we are essentially exploring contrasting actions or attitudes to the act of fussing over one’s appearance. These antonyms can encompass a range of behaviors, from disregarding personal grooming routines to downplaying one’s physical attributes.

By examining the antonyms for preen, we can gain insight into alternative ways of approaching personal presentation and self-care. Whether it’s a lack of concern for appearances or a deliberate choice to avoid showing off, exploring these contrasting behaviors can provide a deeper understanding of how individuals choose to engage with their physical appearance.

35 Antonyms for PREEN With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for preen. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PREEN antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Preen Sentence with Antonym
Neglect The bird was preening its feathers. The bird was neglecting its feathers.
Dishevel She preened her hair for the party. She left her hair disheveled for the party.
Ignore He preened in front of the mirror. He ignored his appearance in front of the mirror.
Messy The cat preened its fur after grooming. The cat left its fur messy after grooming.
Disregard The model preened before the photoshoot. The model disregarded her appearance before the photoshoot.
Neglect She preened her outfit before the meeting. She neglected her outfit before the meeting.
Rough The dog preened after the bath. The dog stayed rough after the bath.
Disorderly He preened meticulously in front of the mirror. He was disorderly in front of the mirror.
Forget The peacock preened its feathers. The peacock seemed to forget its plumage.
Messy She preened her appearance for the date. She looked messy for the date.
Unkempt The cat preened its fur carefully. The cat’s fur remained unkempt after its preening.
Ruin The artist preened every detail of the painting. The artist seemed to ruin every detail of the painting.
Sloppy He meticulously preened for the interview. He appeared sloppy for the interview.
Disarray The choir members preened their uniforms. The choir members left their uniforms in disarray after preening.
Disregard The ballerina preened before the performance. The ballerina disregarded her appearance before the performance.
Unkempt She preened her hair before the party. She arrived looking unkempt to the party.
Destroy The peacock preened proudly. The peacock seemed to be set to destroy its appearance.
Disorganized She preened her notes for the presentation. She appeared disorganized after preening her notes.
Neglect The actor preened before the audition. The actor neglected his performance during the audition.
Untidy The cat preened its fur. The cat looked untidy after preening.
Disdain The fashion model preened on the runway. The fashion model showed disdain on the runway.
Disregard She preened herself before the event. She disregarded herself before the event.
Neglect The bird preened its feathers regularly. The bird seemed to neglect its feathers regularly.
Unkempt The man cleaned up his room and preened himself. The man left his room unkempt and unpreened.
Roughen He carefully preened his appearance. He decided to roughen his appearance.
Disorder She preened her attire meticulously. She wore a disorderly attire after preening.
Disorderly The cats preened after their meal. The cats looked disorderly after preening.
Unkempt The model preened her outfit for the show. The model looked unkempt in her outfit for the show.
Ruin The artist meticulously preened the sculpture. The artist appeared to try and ruin the sculpture with preening.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PREEN

In contrast to boasting and showing off, being humble is seen as a virtue in many cultures. When someone is modest, they downplay their achievements and do not seek attention or praise from others. Instead of preening and flaunting their successes, a humble person is content with their accomplishments without the need for external validation.

Furthermore, rather than seeking admiration and approval, a modest individual values sincerity and honesty. Instead of exaggerating their achievements to impress others, a humble person focuses on being authentic and genuine in their interactions. By embracing humility and modesty, one can cultivate more meaningful and authentic connections with others based on sincerity and humility.

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