Opposite of PRELUDE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for prelude refer to words or phrases that convey meanings opposite to that of a beginning or introduction. These antonyms serve to highlight conclusions, endings, or finality rather than initiating or starting something. They are essentially words or expressions that denote the concluding part of a music piece, event, or narrative instead of the preliminary phase.

Conversely, antonyms for prelude can be viewed as the finish, finale, epilogue, or conclusion of a sequence rather than the commencement. These antonyms emphasize the resolution or culmination of a process, story, or performance, indicating the final act rather than the opening act. They signify the structural or chronological point where something reaches its end rather than where it originates or begins.

In essence, antonyms for prelude consist of terms that suggest the termination, completion, postlude, or epilog of an endeavor, presentation, performance, or story. These antonyms contrast with the concept of prelude by signaling the endpoint, closure, or denouement instead of the preamble, prologue, introduction, or opening segment of a sequence.

35 Antonyms for PRELUDE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for prelude. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PRELUDE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Prelude Sentence with Antonym
Conclusion The prelude to the meeting was brief. The meeting ended with a lengthy conclusion.
Aftermath The prelude to the riot was tension. The riot was followed by a peaceful aftermath.
Epilogue The prelude to the play set the mood. The epilogue of the play wrapped up the story.
Middle The prelude to the book introduced the characters. The middle of the book presented the main conflict.
Finish The violinist played a beautiful prelude. The audience applauded at the stunning finish.
Start The wedding prelude signaled the beginning. The couple kissed at the end of the ceremony, marking the start of their marriage.
Epitaph The prelude to the funeral was somber. Guests read the deceased’s epitaph as a final farewell.
Postscript The prelude to the letter was heartwarming. The postscript contained an important update.
Prologue The prelude to the novel was captivating. The author’s note appeared at the end of the book, serving as a prologue.
Continuation The prelude hinted at a future journey. The continuation was filled with unexpected twists.
Foreword The prelude set the stage for the speech. The foreword added context to the text.
Sequence The prelude to the sequence of events was peaceful. The unpredictable sequence ended with chaos.
Coda The prelude to the musical piece was soothing. The performance ended with a powerful coda.
Outro The prelude to the album was upbeat. The album closed with a melodic outro.
Over The prelude to the exam was stressful. Relief washed over the students once the test was over.
Dawn The prelude to the day was filled with sunshine. Darkness fell as the night overshadowed the dawn.
Herald The quiet prelude heralded a grand announcement. The trumpets sounded to herald the arrival of the king.
Prelude The prelude hinted at what was to come. The conclusion revealed what had previously occurred.
Main Event The prelude to the concert was promising. The main event showcased the best performances.
Arrival The prelude to the plane landing was smooth. Passengers cheered upon the successful arrival.
Origin The prelude of the story introduced the protagonist. The origin of the conflict was traced back to a misunderstanding.
Unfold The prelude built anticipation for the unfolding drama. The situation took an unexpected turn as events began to unfold.
Departure The prelude to the trip was exciting. Tears were shed at the emotional departure of loved ones.
Initiation The prelude to the ceremony was filled with ritual. Participants entered a new phase after the initiation.
Continuance The prelude hinted at ongoing struggles. The continuance of events led to positive outcomes.
Future The prelude to the project was promising. Future developments showed great potential.
Overture The musical prelude set the tone for the performance. The symphony began with a powerful overture.
Start The prelude of the story introduced the setting. The start of the story laid out the main characters.
End The prelude to the violin solo was enchanting. The crowd erupted in applause at the flawless end.
Pause The intense prelude stopped abruptly. A moment of silence marked the pause in the performance.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PRELUDE

In essence, while prelude signifies the beginning or introduction to something, its antonyms like conclusion, ending, or epilogue denote the closure or final part of a sequence. For instance, in a story, the prelude sets the stage, whereas the conclusion ties up loose ends and offers resolution. By contrasting prelude with its antonyms, we can comprehend the entirety of a narrative, from its inception to its culmination. Thus, recognizing these antonyms provides a holistic understanding of the structure and progression of various forms of communication and storytelling, enriching our interpretation of the content.

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