Opposite of PROFANE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for profane refer to words that are considered sacred, holy, or respectful in nature. These antonyms are used to describe things that are pure, hallowed, or reverent, offering a stark contrast to the disrespectful or irreverent connotations associated with profane words.

When discussing antonyms for profane, it’s essential to note that these words often carry a sense of sanctity or righteousness. They can be used to portray ideas or beliefs that are held in high regard or deemed worthy of reverence. By utilizing antonyms for profane, speakers can convey a tone of dignity and honor in their language.

In literature, conversation, or personal reflections, choosing antonyms for profane can add depth and meaning to one’s expression. Whether used in religious contexts, formal settings, or everyday communication, these words offer a respectful and sacred alternative to language that may be perceived as disrespectful or blasphemous.

35 Antonyms for PROFANE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for profane. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PROFANE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Profane Sentence with Antonym
Sacred She profaned the church by using inappropriate language. He treated the church with sacred reverence.
Holy The comedian’s profane jokes offended the religious audience. The priest’s words were holy and uplifting.
Reverent He was known for his profane language and irreverent behavior. She bowed her head in a reverent manner.
Respectful Using profane language is not respectful in a professional setting. He always spoke to his elders in a respectful manner.
Pure Her voice was so profane that it could not be used in the children’s program. The sound of the choir was pure and uplifting.
Devout The cult members were known for their profane rituals. She was a devout follower of her faith.
Chaste The movie was filled with profane scenes that made many viewers uncomfortable. The book was praised for its chaste portrayal of love.
Pious He made a profane gesture at the altar, shocking the congregation. She knelt down in a pious manner to pray.
Moral His profane behavior often conflicted with his moral values. She always made moral choices, even when it was difficult.
Decent The comedian’s profane jokes were far from decent for a family audience. She was known for her decent and modest demeanor.
Dignified His profane outburst tarnished his normally dignified reputation. She carried herself in a dignified manner at all times.
Virtuous The criminal had a long history of profane and immoral behavior. She was known for her virtuous deeds and kind heart.
Noble The village elders were shocked by his profane language during the council meeting. She conducted herself in a noble manner befitting a queen.
Spiritual The singer’s profane lyrics did not resonate with those seeking spiritual enlightenment. The ceremony was filled with spiritual songs and prayers.
Godly Using profane language is not part of a godly lifestyle. They lived their lives according to godly principles.
Righteous His profane behavior went against everything righteous and just. She always stood up for righteous causes and fought for justice.
Clean The show had to be edited due to its profane content, making it more clean for viewers. Her room was always spotlessly clean and organized.
Pristine The shrine was kept pristine and untouched by profane hands. She marveled at the pristine condition of the beach.
Angelic His profane language was a stark contrast to his normally angelic demeanor. She was known for her angelic smile and gentle nature.
Serene The protest turned violent with profane language and aggressive behavior. The garden was a serene place filled with tranquility.
Benevolent The dictator ruled with an iron fist and profane language, far from benevolent leadership. She dedicated her life to benevolent acts of charity and kindness.
Merciful His profane treatment of others showed a lack of merciful compassion. She always had a merciful heart and helped those in need.
Delicate The loud and profane music clashed with the delicate atmosphere of the art gallery. She held the delicate flower in her hands with care.
Polite He was dismissed from the meeting for his profane and impolite behavior. She always made sure to be polite and courteous to her guests.
Kind His profane insults hurt others, a stark contrast to his normally kind nature. She was known for her kind deeds and generous spirit.
Compassionate The judge showed no compassion for the profane criminal in front of her. She was a compassionate soul who always helped those in need.
Humble Despite his profane language, he showed a humble demeanor while speaking to her. She was known for her humble attitude and modesty.
Decorous The profane behavior of the guests at the party was in stark contrast to the decorous atmosphere. The guests maintained a decorous silence during the formal event.
Upright He prided himself on his profane jokes, not realizing they went against his upright character. She believed in living an upright life based on honesty and integrity.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PROFANE

In summary, sacred, holy, and pure are antonyms for profane. While profanity may often be used in casual speech or disrespectful contexts, sacred language is dignified and reverent. Unlike profane actions that may offend religious sensibilities, holy practices are upheld as divine and worthy of respect. By avoiding profanity and embracing sacredness, individuals can choose to speak and act in ways that convey reverence, purity, and a sense of sanctity. In a world where profanity is prevalent, recognizing and incorporating its antonyms can bring about a higher level of mindfulness and respect in communication and behavior.

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