Opposite of PROGRESS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Sometimes, when evaluating the direction in which something is moving, it becomes necessary to consider the opposite. In the realm of progress and advancement, there exist antonyms that signify a different course or state. Antonyms for progress serve as contrasting terms that highlight the absence or reversal of development.

Antonyms for progress are words or phrases that represent hindrance, regression, or stagnation. These terms are used to convey the idea of moving in a direction opposite to advancement or improvement. By understanding and recognizing these antonyms, one can gain a deeper insight into the concept of progress and its various facets.

Exploring antonyms for progress also provides a broader perspective on change and evolution. By examining the opposing terms, one can appreciate the complexity and nuances of growth and development, as well as the potential barriers or setbacks that may hinder forward motion. Understanding antonyms for progress is crucial in comprehending the full spectrum of possibilities in any journey towards improvement and success.

35 Antonyms for PROGRESS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for progress. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PROGRESS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Progress Sentence with Antonym
Stagnation The project is making progress slowly. The project is at a standstill.
Regression The student is showing progress in her studies. The student is experiencing regression in her studies.
Decline The company is making progress in increasing its profits. The company is facing a decline in its profits.
Backward The team is moving forward with the project. The team is moving backward with the project.
Retrogression The technology is advancing, showing progress. The technology is retrogressing, showing retrogression.
Deterioration The city is making progress in improving its infrastructure. The city is experiencing deterioration in its infrastructure.
Regress The research is making progress in finding a cure. The research is starting to regress in finding a cure.
Standstill The construction work is showing progress after weeks of delay. The construction work has come to a standstill due to funding issues.
Retrograde The sales team is making progress in meeting their targets. The sales team is facing retrograde in meeting their targets.
Setback The project is making progress despite the challenges. The project has suffered a setback, halting further progress.
Deceleration The company is making progress in its global expansion. The company is experiencing deceleration in its global expansion.
Hindrance The team is making progress in overcoming obstacles. The team is facing a hinderance in overcoming obstacles.
Sluggishness The economy is showing signs of progress after the recession. The economy is exhibiting sluggishness, hindering further growth.
Recession The country is making progress in improving its education system. The country is facing a recession in its education system.
Lull The research project is moving forward with progress. The research project has come to a lull, impeding further development.
Recess The negotiations are making progress towards a resolution. The negotiations are in recess, delaying any further discussions.
Stalemate The peace talks have made progress in achieving a ceasefire. The peace talks have reached a stalemate, preventing further agreements.
Reverse The environmental efforts are making progress in reducing pollution. The environmental efforts are starting to reverse, increasing pollution levels.
Retrogression The software update is bringing progress in enhancing features. The software update is causing retrogression in functionality.
Relapse The patient is slowly showing progress in recovery. The patient has suffered a relapse in health, slowing the recovery process.
Backslide The athlete is training hard to show progress in performance. The athlete is starting to backslide in performance, affecting the training.
Reversion The organization is making progress in implementing new policies. The organization is experiencing a reversion in policies, reverting to old practices.
Lapse The project is showing progress in meeting deadlines. The project has had a lapse in meeting deadlines, causing delays.
Downturn The business is making progress in increasing sales. The business is facing a downturn in sales, affecting profitability.
Lethargy The team is making progress on the new product launch. The team is facing lethargy in the new product launch, slowing down the process.
Stalemate The negotiations are making progress towards consensus. The negotiations have reached a stalemate, halting any further agreements.
Degeneration The society is making progress in promoting equality. The society is witnessing degeneration in social equality.
Decay The renovation project is showing progress in restoring the building. The building is experiencing decay despite the ongoing renovation.
Weakening The relationship is showing signs of progress after the conflict. The relationship is weakening despite efforts to reconcile.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PROGRESS

In our journey towards advancement and growth, it is essential to recognize and understand the antonyms for progress. Stagnation, regression, and deterioration are obstacles that can hinder our development and success. Instead of complacency, we should embrace change, innovation, and improvement.

By acknowledging these antonyms for progress, we can actively work towards overcoming them and continue moving forward. It is imperative to strive for constant evolution and not get caught up in stagnation or regression. Embracing challenges, adapting to new circumstances, and pursuing growth are key to ensuring continual progress in all aspects of life.

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