Opposite of PROTECTION – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for protection refer to words or phrases that represent the opposite meaning of safeguarding or shielding something from harm, damage, or danger. These antonyms typically convey concepts such as exposure, vulnerability, risk, or lack of defense.

When discussing antonyms for protection, it is essential to explore terms that signify being defenseless, endangered, prone to harm, or open to attack. By understanding these contrasting words, one can gain a clearer understanding of the idea of vulnerability and the absence of security.

Exploring antonyms for protection can provide insights into the importance of safety measures, precautionary actions, and security protocols in various situations. By examining these opposing terms, individuals can better grasp the significance of protection and the potential consequences of leaving something or someone unguarded.

35 Antonyms for PROTECTION With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for protection. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PROTECTION antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Protection Sentence with Antonym
Exposure Wearing a helmet provides protection from head injuries. Lack of proper gear leaves cyclists vulnerable to exposure to head injuries.
Vulnerability The firewall offers protection against cyber attacks. Connected devices are left open to vulnerability without proper security measures.
Endangerment The locked gate offers protection to the private property. Leaving the gate open can lead to endangerment of the property.
Insecurity Insurance provides financial protection in case of emergencies. Lack of savings can lead to insecurity in times of crisis.
Defenselessness Police officers provide protection to the citizens. Citizens feel a sense of defenselessness in the absence of law enforcement.
Exposed Vaccination provides protection against certain diseases. Without vaccination, individuals remain exposed to various illnesses.
Neglect Proper equipment offers protection to workers in hazardous environments. Lack of safety measures results in the neglect of workers’ well-being.
Helplessness A security guard offers protection to the premises. Without any security, the property is left in a state of helplessness.
Unshielded Virtual private networks provide protection against online threats. Using a public Wi-Fi network leaves your data unshielded.
Peril Wearing a life jacket provides protection while boating. Not wearing a life jacket puts you in peril on the water.
Harm Seat belts offer protection in case of a car accident. Not wearing a seat belt increases the risk of harm during a collision.
Unprotected Sunscreen offers protection from harmful UV rays. Without sunscreen, your skin remains unprotected from sun damage.
Perilous Strong infrastructure provides natural disaster protection. Weak infrastructure makes the area perilous to live in.
Defensiveness The security system provides protection for the building. The lack of security leads to a feeling of defensiveness among the residents.
Defenseless A home security system offers protection against burglaries. Homes without proper security measures are left defenseless.
Danger The fence around the pool provides child protection. An open pool poses a serious danger to unsupervised children.
Inadequacy Masks offer protection against respiratory illnesses. Not wearing a mask exposes individuals to inadequacy in preventing diseases.
Negligence Helmets offer protection to motorcycle riders. Riding without a helmet shows negligence towards safety.
Perilousness A firewall provides network protection. Operating without a firewall exposes the network to perilousness.
Defense The police provide protection to the community. The absence of police officers leaves the community without defense.
Unsheltered Shelter offers protection to homeless individuals. Those living on the streets are left unsheltered from the elements.
Risk Proper gear provides protection for extreme sports. Engaging in sports without safety equipment increases the risk of injury.
Defence The immune system offers protection from infections. A weakened immune system lowers the body’s defence against illnesses.
Exposure A hat provides protection from the sun’s rays. Not wearing a hat results in exposure to harmful UV rays.
Unsafe Handrails offer protection on staircases. A staircase without handrails is unsafe to use.
Vulnerable Password managers provide protection for online accounts. Weak passwords leave accounts vulnerable to hacking.
Harmful Gloves provide protection from chemicals. Touching chemicals without gloves can be harmful to the skin.
Carelessness Goggles offer protection during experiments. Conducting experiments without protective gear shows carelessness.
Endanger The fence provides protection against intruders. Without a fence, the property is left endangered by trespassers.
Susceptibility Vaccines offer protection against diseases. Not immunizing oneself results in susceptibility to illnesses.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PROTECTION

In a world without protection, vulnerability is exposed. Without shelter, individuals are left defenseless against the elements, open to harm and danger. The absence of refuge leaves one susceptible to threats, where safety and security are compromised.

Without support, exposure to risk and harm is heightened. In the absence of security, individuals are left unguarded, defenseless against potential threats. The lack of protection amplifies vulnerability, leaving individuals open to potential harm and danger.

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