Opposite of RESOLVE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for resolve are words that convey a lack of determination, decisiveness, or commitment. These are terms that reflect uncertainty, indecision, or wavering in one’s intentions or beliefs. While resolve signifies a firm resolve to achieve a goal or overcome an obstacle, antonyms for resolve communicate a lack of persistence or certainty in one’s actions or decisions.

Antonyms for resolve may encompass words such as hesitate, waver, doubt, or vacillate. These terms denote a lack of conviction or steadfastness in one’s attitude or approach towards a particular situation or problem. Instead of demonstrating a resolute and determined mindset, antonyms for resolve suggest a sense of ambivalence or reluctance in making a definitive choice or taking a decisive course of action.

By understanding the antonyms for resolve, one can better grasp the concept of uncertainty and hesitation in decision-making processes. These contrasting terms serve to highlight the importance of having a clear and unwavering mindset when facing challenges or pursuing goals. Embracing resolve and shunning its antonyms can lead to a more focused and determined approach to overcoming obstacles and achieving success.

35 Antonyms for RESOLVE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for resolve. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding RESOLVE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Resolve Sentence with Antonym
Give up Sarah resolved to finish her project on time. Sarah decided to give up on completing her project.
Surrender The soldiers resolved to fight until the end. The soldiers chose to surrender instead of continuing the battle.
Abandon John resolved to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor. John was forced to abandon his dream due to financial constraints.
Hesitate Despite her fears, Mia resolved to go on the thrilling roller coaster. Mia couldn’t help but hesitate before getting on the roller coaster.
Relinquish Samantha resolved to let go of her past grudges. Samantha refused to relinquish her anger towards her former friend.
Change Christopher resolved to stay true to his beliefs. Christopher was willing to change his beliefs to fit in with others.
Dither Joshua resolved to make a decision and stick to it. Joshua continued to dither over every choice that came his way.
Vacillate Emily resolved to remain firm in her opinions. Emily tended to vacillate between different viewpoints depending on the situation.
Waver Despite facing challenges, Alex resolved to pursue his passion for music. Alex started to waver in his commitment and began to doubt his abilities.
Flinch Karla resolved to confront her fears head-on. Karla couldn’t help but flinch when faced with a difficult situation.
Abstain The athlete resolved to maintain a healthy diet for peak performance. The athlete chose to abstain from following a strict diet regimen.
Slacken Despite the setbacks, Maria resolved to work harder to achieve her goals. Maria began to slacken in her efforts and started to procrastinate.
Yield Despite the challenges, Mark resolved to stand his ground. Mark decided to yield to pressure from others and gave up on his beliefs.
Surrender The detective resolved to solve the mystery at all costs. The detective chose to surrender and accept defeat in the face of overwhelming evidence.
Vacate Despite the difficulties, Sarah resolved to continue her studies. Sarah decided to vacate her academic pursuits and drop out of school.
Capitulate Despite the criticism, Tom resolved to continue his artistic endeavors. Tom chose to capitulate and abandon his passion for art under pressure.
Relent Despite the setbacks, Rachel resolved to persevere in achieving her dreams. Rachel started to relent in her efforts and began to doubt her capabilities.
Recoil Jonathan resolved to face his fears and overcome them. Jonathan couldn’t help but recoil in fear when encountering dangerous situations.
Submit Despite the opposition, Amanda resolved to voice her opinions. Amanda chose to submit to the dominant views and kept her thoughts to herself.
Cede Despite the disagreements, the team resolved to work together for success. The team decided to cede and break apart due to conflicting interests.
Avoid Despite the risks, Kevin resolved to confront the bullies at school. Kevin preferred to avoid any conflict and chose to ignore the bullies.
Abstain Despite the temptations, Lisa resolved to stick to her diet plan. Lisa couldn’t help but abstain from her diet and indulged in unhealthy snacks.
Loosen Despite the challenges, Adam resolved to tighten his grip on the situation. Adam started to loosen his grip and lost control of the circumstances.
Resist Despite the pressure, Michael resolved to remain true to his principles. Michael found it difficult to resist the temptation to compromise his values.
Concede Despite the accusations, Jessica resolved to defend her innocence. Jessica had to concede and admit her guilt under the weight of evidence.
Relapse James resolved to stay sober and avoid alcohol. James experienced a relapse and fell back into old habits of drinking.
Deviate Despite the rules, Laura resolved to stick to the original plan. Laura decided to deviate from the plan and explore a different approach.
Cower Despite the danger, the hero resolved to stand tall and face the enemy. The hero began to cower in fear when the enemy approached.
Reject Despite the offers, Sarah resolved to decline the job promotion. Sarah chose to reject the promotion and continue in her current role.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of RESOLVE

In life, there are moments when uncertainty prevails over certainty, chaos over order, and indecision over determination. When we lack the ability to resolve conflicts, we may find ourselves trapped in a cycle of confusion and discord. Without the courage to confront challenges head-on, we risk perpetuating a state of unresolved issues that can hinder our growth and progress.

Ultimately, finding the strength to address conflicts, make decisions, and take action is crucial for overcoming obstacles and achieving our goals. By embracing determination, clarity, and courage, we can navigate through uncertainties with confidence and build a foundation for success. It is through facing and resolving challenges that we pave the way for personal development and a more fulfilling life.

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