Opposite of RETRACT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for retract refer to words that convey the opposite meaning of retract, which means to withdraw or take back something that was said or done. Antonyms serve as linguistic tools to express ideas in an opposite or contrasting manner, offering a diverse range of vocabulary options to convey clear and precise communication.

Utilizing antonyms for retract can enhance the depth and nuance of language, allowing for a more nuanced and engaging expression of thoughts and ideas. By incorporating antonyms for retract into writing or speech, individuals can effectively convey opposing viewpoints, emotions, or actions, providing a well-rounded and comprehensive communication experience.

Exploring antonyms for retract provides an opportunity to broaden one’s linguistic repertoire and improve overall communication skills. By understanding and incorporating these contrasting words into various contexts, individuals can convey their intended message more effectively and successfully engage with their audience.

35 Antonyms for RETRACT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for retract. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding RETRACT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Retract Sentence with Antonym
Acknowledge The company decided to retract their statement The company had to acknowledge their mistake
Affirm He was forced to retract his previous statement He had to affirm his commitment
Confirm She had to retract her previous endorsement She was asked to confirm her support
Admit He had to retract his confession He refused to admit his guilt
Uphold The court ordered the journalist to retract her article The court demanded her to uphold her claim
Assert The witness decided to retract his testimony Now he had to assert his version of events
Support She was asked to retract her support for the policy She chose to support the new initiative
Defend The politician had to retract his defense of the controversial law He was left with no choice but to defend his stance
Advocate The organization decided to issue a statement to retract their position They later had to advocate for a different approach
Declare The celebrity had to retract her previous statement She then had to declare her true feelings
State Due to new evidence, the scientist had to retract his initial findings He had to state the correct conclusions
Assert The company was forced to retract their earlier claims Now they had to assert a different position
Allege In light of the new information, the lawyer had to retract his earlier allegations He could no longer allege any wrongdoing
Confirm Despite their initial announcement, the company had to retract their statement They were now forced to confirm the new decision
Validate The expert had no choice but to retract his previous endorsement He had to find a way to validate his support
Stand by The athlete was required to retract his previous statement He could no longer stand by his words
Stick to The author had to retract his published opinion He had to stick to his original viewpoint
Insist The professor had to retract his earlier claim Now he had to insist on a different theory
Back The committee had to retract their original decision They then had to back a new resolution
Assure The manager felt compelled to retract his previous guarantee He now had to find a way to assure the customers
Maintain The jury decided to retract their initial verdict They would later maintain their decision
Retain The editor was asked to retract the published article She had to find a way to retain the piece
Ratify The board was forced to retract their approved proposal They then had to ratify a new agreement
Uphold The department had to retract the policy decision Now they were required to uphold the rules
Verify The witness had to retract his previous statement He would later have to verify the accurate facts
Embrace The employee was asked to retract his criticism He needed to embrace the new direction
Agree The government was compelled to retract the new law They now had to agree with the public opinion
Cancel The company was quick to retract their previous offer They then had to cancel the agreement
Accept The customer service representative was forced to retract the initial refusal They instead had to accept the return
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of RETRACT

In essence, while retracting implies taking something back or withdrawing, the opposite action of standing by one’s statements or decisions is asserting. When one retracts a statement, they are pulling it back; conversely, when they assert, they are affirming or upholding their position. It is important to consider the implications of retracting or asserting, as they can impact trust and credibility in communications and relationships. By understanding the nuances of these antonyms, individuals can navigate situations with clarity and integrity, choosing when to retract or assert thoughtfully.

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