Opposite of REVERENT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we discuss antonyms for the word “reverent,” it is important to explore contrasting terms that convey a lack of respect, devotion, or admiration. These antonyms serve to highlight an absence of reverence and can provide insight into alternate attitudes or behaviors.

The first antonym that comes to mind is “irreverent,” which denotes a lack of reverence or respect toward someone or something. This term signifies a disregard for tradition, authority, or sacredness. An irreverent attitude may be characterized by flippant or mocking behavior.

Another antonym for “reverent” is “disrespectful,” which implies a failure to show proper regard or consideration for others. This term suggests a lack of courtesy, politeness, or sensitivity towards individuals, beliefs, or customs. Such behavior may be seen as impolite, offensive, or contemptuous. Through exploring antonyms like irreverent and disrespectful, we can gain a deeper understanding of the range of attitudes and behaviors that exist in contrast to reverence.

35 Antonyms for REVERENT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for reverent. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding REVERENT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Reverent Sentence with Antonym
Irreverent The reverent man prayed silently in the church. The irreverent man made jokes during the sermon.
Disrespectful She spoke about her ancestors in a reverent tone. He was disrespectful when speaking about his elders.
Impious The monk showed a reverent attitude during the ceremony. His impious behavior offended the religious leaders.
Sacrilegious The priest approached the altar with a reverent demeanor. The vandal’s actions in the church were sacrilegious.
Profane The choir sang with reverent voices in the sacred hall. The comedian’s jokes were considered profane by the audience.
Blasphemous The devotees bowed their heads in reverent silence. His words were seen as blasphemous by the traditionalists.
Mocker The reverent pilgrims lit candles at the shrine. The non-believer was a constant mocker of their faith.
Disparaging The congregation listened with reverent attention. His disparaging comments about the faith caused a stir.
Cynical The priest delivered a reverent sermon to the parishioners. His cynical view on religion was evident in his remarks.
Insolent Her reverent gesture of bowing showed her respect. His insolent behavior in the church was frowned upon.
Flippant The reverent group sang hymns in harmony. His flippant remarks about the ceremony were inappropriate.
Atheistic Members of the church were reverent during the service. His atheistic beliefs led him to disrespect religious practices.
Unceremonious The ceremony was conducted in a reverent manner. His unceremonious behavior showed a lack of respect.
Impudent She gazed at the altar with a reverent expression. His impudent behavior indicated a lack of reverence.
Disdainful The devotees kneeled in a reverent posture. His disdainful attitude towards the rituals was evident.
Flouting They walked through the cathedral with reverent steps. His flouting of the traditional beliefs upset many.
Disobedient The students listened with reverent attention to the priest. His disobedient behavior during the ceremony was disrespectful.
Casual He approached the statue with a reverent bow. Her casual attitude towards the ceremony was inappropriate.
Scornful The monk spoke in a reverent tone as he prayed. His scornful remarks about the beliefs offended others.
Blatant The community gathered in a reverent silence. His blatant disregard for the customs caused a stir.
Dismissive The reverent crowd paid homage to the religious leader. He was dismissive of the traditions followed by others.
Flouting She offered her prayers in a reverent manner. His flouting of religious norms created controversy.
Defiant The reverent followers bowed before the sacred relic. His defiant stance against the customs was noticed by all.
Disregardful The followers listened with reverent silence. His disregardful attitude towards the customs was concerning.
Snide The priest spoke with a reverent tone during the ceremony. His snide comments about the practices were disrespectful.
Sceptical The devotees sat in reverent contemplation. His sceptical view of the rituals was apparent.
Audacious The choir sang hymns in a reverent manner. His audacious behavior during the service was inappropriate.
Derisive The community showed reverent respect towards the elder. His derisive attitude towards the religious beliefs was offensive.
Impertinent She asked her question in a reverent manner. His impertinent remarks about the rituals caused a backlash.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of REVERENT

The opposite of reverent, such as irreverent, disrespectful, or flippant, may convey a lack of seriousness or respect in a given situation. While reverence suggests deep admiration or respect, its antonyms can suggest a dismissive attitude or a lack of regard.

It is important to consider the tone and context when using words like irreverent to ensure that the intended message is clear and appropriate. Being mindful of the antonyms for reverent can help in accurately conveying attitudes or emotions in different settings and interactions.

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