Opposite of SALVATION – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When discussing antonyms for salvation, it is important to understand that salvation typically refers to being saved or rescued from harm or destruction. In contrast, antonyms for salvation are words that depict a lack of rescue or deliverance, suggesting a state of vulnerability or peril.

The concept of antonyms for salvation revolves around the idea of being abandoned or forsaken, without the hope of protection or deliverance from harm. These antonyms convey themes of despair, hopelessness, and facing dire consequences without any form of redemption or escape.

Exploring antonyms for salvation allows us to consider contrasting perspectives on the notion of being saved or rescued, shedding light on the stark realities of vulnerability, abandonment, and peril that may exist in opposition to the concept of salvation.

35 Antonyms for SALVATION With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for salvation. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding SALVATION antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Salvation Sentence with Antonym
Damnation She prayed for salvation from her sins. She feared damnation for her wicked deeds.
Condemnation The preacher preached about the gift of salvation. He warned about the dangers of condemnation.
Perdition The villagers sought salvation from the impending danger. They were resigned to their fate of perdition.
Ruin The survivor found salvation from the wreckage. The ruins were a stark contrast to any hope of ruin.
Loss Seeking salvation in faith filled her with hope. The sense of loss overwhelmed her at the funeral.
Destruction Finding salvation helped him rebuild his life. The storm caused widespread destruction of the town.
Damn He found salvation in helping others in need. The criminal had a past marked by damn and despair.
Demise They prayed for salvation in the time of crisis. The war brought about the ultimate demise of their city.
Ruination The new treatment brought salvation to the patient. The neglect of the illness led to eventual ruination.
Condemn Her belief in salvation gave her peace. The unjust verdict seemed to condemn her to a harsh sentence.
Perish The provision of food brought salvation to the hungry. Without help, the crops would perish in the drought.
Despair The message of salvation brought hope to the people. The sense of despair grew as their situation worsened.
Damnation They sought salvation from the torment of their past. The guilty parties faced eternal damnation for their actions.
Ruin The repair work was like a form of salvation to the shop. Neglect and disrepair led to the complete ruin of the building.
Wasteland There were strong hopes for salvation before the disaster. The aftermath of the explosion left a barren wasteland.
Curse The promise of salvation was a comforting message to her. She feared the family curse would never be broken.
Demise The community found salvation in their shared efforts. The looming shadow of economic demise was hard to shake.
Ruin The hope of salvation lingered in the air. The storm threatened to bring about the town’s complete ruin.
Misery They discovered salvation in the remote village. The war-torn region was a place of unspeakable misery.
Lost The missing hiker prayed for salvation in the wilderness. Alone and scared, she felt utterly lost in the forest.
Annihilation The survivors found salvation in the midst of chaos. The threat of annihilation loomed large over the city.
Perdition Their journey toward salvation was filled with challenges. It seemed as though they were heading straight for perdition.
Fall As a doctor, she found salvation in helping others. The corrupt politician’s fall from power was inevitable.
Damnation The promise of salvation gave her strength to carry on. She feared damnation for the crimes she had committed.
Ruin The charity’s work was a form of salvation for many families. The economic downturn threatened to bring about complete ruin.
Suffering The idea of salvation brought comfort to her troubled soul. The cycle of suffering seemed never-ending in the war-torn region.
Demise They prayed for salvation as the storm approached. The floodwaters signaled the demise of their coastal town.
Fall The message of salvation spread hope amongst the refugees. The dictator’s inevitable fall from power was celebrated.
Curse She found salvation in the pages of an old book. The ancient curse seemed to haunt the old mansion.
Error Acknowledging one’s mistakes can be a form of salvation. The refusal to admit error only led to further complications.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of SALVATION

Understanding the opposite of salvation, which can include damnation, condemnation, or perdition, helps illuminate the concept of salvation itself. Salvation represents deliverance, redemption, and liberation from harm or danger. By exploring its antonyms, we gain a clear perspective on the significance and value of salvation in various contexts. While damnation denotes punishment and loss, salvation embodies hope, rescue, and ultimate restoration. Recognizing the contrast between these terms deepens our appreciation for the transformative power of salvation in our lives, offering solace and renewal in times of distress and uncertainty.

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