Opposite of SELFISH – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for selfish are words that represent behaviors or actions aimed at considering others’ needs and well-being instead of focusing solely on oneself. These antonyms reflect the opposite of selfishness and emphasize selflessness, generosity, and altruism in various social interactions.

By understanding and incorporating antonyms for selfish into our vocabulary and daily practices, we prioritize empathy, cooperation, and kindness towards others. These words help us cultivate harmonious relationships, foster a sense of community, and promote a more compassionate and understanding society.

Exploring antonyms for selfish can encourage us to shift our perspectives and attitudes towards a more inclusive and collaborative approach to interpersonal connections. By recognizing and utilizing these antonyms, we can strive to create a more supportive and considerate environment that values the needs and feelings of others alongside our own.

35 Antonyms for SELFISH With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for selfish. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding SELFISH antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Selfish Sentence with Antonym
Altruistic She thought only about herself, selfishly ignoring the needs of others. She always puts others first, her altruistic nature makes her incredibly caring.
Generous He is known for his selfish behavior, never sharing with others. He is so generous that he is always willing to help those in need.
Giving She always acts selfishly, never giving back to the community. She is known for her giving nature, always ready to lend a helping hand.
Kind His selfish attitude made it difficult for others to approach him. She is incredibly kind, always looking out for the well-being of others.
Selfless She only thinks about herself, selfishly disregarding the needs of others. She is incredibly selfless, always putting the needs of others before her own.
Caring His selfish demeanor made it hard for others to rely on him for support. She is known for her caring nature, always there to offer a listening ear.
Benevolent She selfishly kept all the resources to herself, not sharing with anyone. She is incredibly benevolent, always looking for ways to help those in need.
Charitable He was selfish with his money, never giving to those less fortunate. He became known for his charitable acts, donating to various causes regularly.
Compassionate She acted selfishly, showing no concern for the struggles of others. She is always compassionate, offering empathy and support to those in need.
Empathetic He only thought about himself, selfishly ignoring the pain of others. He is incredibly empathetic, always understanding and sharing the feelings of those around him.
Sympathetic She selfishly focused on her needs, not caring about the troubles of others. She is incredibly sympathetic, always showing concern and understanding towards others.
Fair His selfish behavior often led to unfair outcomes for others. He is known for being fair, always considering the needs and opinions of everyone involved.
Cooperative She always acted selfishly, not willing to work with others for common goals. She is incredibly cooperative, always willing to collaborate and compromise with others.
Collaborative He was selfish, insisting on doing everything by himself without input from others. He is more collaborative now, working together with his team to achieve shared success.
Sharing She kept everything to herself, acting selfishly without considering others. She is learning the importance of sharing, realizing that it brings joy and unity to those around her.
Supportive His selfish nature made it hard for others to rely on him for help. He is incredibly supportive, always there to offer encouragement and assistance when needed.
Respectful She often acted selfishly, not showing respect for the opinions of others. She is respectful of everyone around her, always valuing their perspectives and feelings.
Collaborator He was always selfish, never willing to be a collaborator in group projects. He has become a great collaborator, working effectively with others to achieve common objectives.
Philanthropic She only spent money on herself, selfishly ignoring charitable causes. She is incredibly philanthropic, donating generously to various organizations that help those in need.
Thoughtful His selfish actions often hurt others without him considering their feelings. He is incredibly thoughtful, always mindful of how his actions may affect those around him.
Considerate She acted selfishly, never considering how her actions impacted others. She is incredibly considerate, always thoughtful and mindful of the well-being of those around her.
Helpful He was known for his selfish behavior, never willing to lend a helping hand. He is incredibly helpful, always ready to assist others in any way possible.
Cooperative She always acted selfishly, rarely willing to work with others towards a common goal. She is incredibly cooperative, valuing teamwork and shared success above all else.
Modest Her selfish attitude often made her brag about her achievements while ignoring others’ efforts. She is remarkably modest, always downplaying her accomplishments and acknowledging the contributions of others.
Thoughtful He never considered others’ opinions, always making selfish decisions. He is incredibly thoughtful, always taking different viewpoints into account before making a decision.
Giving She only thought about herself, selfishly hoarding resources without sharing. She has a reputation for being incredibly giving, always ready to share what she has with those in need.
Tender His selfish behavior often hurt those around him as he focused solely on himself. He is incredibly tender, always showing care and concern for the feelings of others.
Gracious She acted selfishly, never considering how her actions affected others. She is incredibly gracious, always showing courtesy and kindness towards those around her.
Open-minded He was selfish, close-minded, and unwilling to consider other perspectives. He is incredibly open-minded, always willing to listen and learn from differing viewpoints.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of SELFISH

Selfishness is the act of prioritizing one’s own needs and desires above others, while selflessness involves putting the well-being of others before oneself. It is important to strive for selflessness in our actions and interactions with others to build stronger and more empathetic relationships. When we act selflessly, we show kindness, compassion, and understanding towards others, which can foster mutual respect and cooperation.

Choosing to be selfless allows us to connect with others on a deeper level and create a more harmonious and supportive community. By practicing selflessness, we can contribute to a more inclusive and caring society where everyone’s needs are taken into consideration. In a world where selfishness can lead to conflict and division, embracing selflessness can promote unity and understanding among individuals.

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