Opposite of SPICY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for spicy are words that describe food or flavors that lack heat, pungency, or spiciness. When someone refers to the opposite of spicy, they are talking about dishes that are mild, bland, or not characterized by intense flavors that create a burning sensation in the mouth.

These antonyms often include terms such as bland, mild, tasteless, flavorless, or insipid. These words are used to describe food that is not seasoned with spicy ingredients like chili peppers, black pepper, or other hot condiments that add heat to a dish.

When looking for antonyms for spicy, individuals may seek out dishes that are described as savory, sweet, or neutral in taste. These terms indicate a lack of the intense, burning flavor associated with spicy foods, providing a contrast to the heat and kick that come with hot and spicy dishes.

35 Antonyms for SPICY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for spicy. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding SPICY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Spicy Sentence with Antonym
Mild The spicy curry made my mouth burn The mild soup was soothing
Bland I prefer spicy food that has a kick Some find bland food unappealing
Flavorless The spicy wings left me sweating The flavorless chicken was dull
Tasteless The spicy salsa had a lot of heat The tasteless chips were boring
Blunt The spicy chili was too hot The blunt stew was insipid
Dull I can’t handle spicy dishes I prefer dull flavors in my meal
Sweet The spicy sauce had a strong kick The sweet dessert was delightful
Gentle The spicy peppers were fiery The gentle salsa was mild
Mild-Mannered The spicy sauce was overpowering The mild-mannered dish was subtle
Tempered The spicy seasoning was intense The tempered dish was delicate
Calm The spicy dish set my mouth on fire The calm meal left me relaxed
Subdued The spicy flavors lingered The subdued taste was understated
Mellow The spicy curry was too hot The mellow soup was soothing
Smooth The spicy ingredients added heat The smooth flavors were soothing
Moderate The spicy seasoning was too strong The moderate dish was balanced
Soft The spicy salsa made my eyes water The soft flavors were gentle
Sensitive The spicy food was too hot to handle The sensitive dish was delicate
Zwak De pittige saus was te heet De zwakke hap was flauw
Zonder Smaak De pittige curry was te kruidig Het gerecht zonder smaak was saai
Ongekruide Ik houd niet van pittig eten Sommigen vinden ongekruid voedsel smakeloos
Flauw Ik verkies pittig eten met pit Sommigen vinden flauw eten onaantrekkelijk
Smaakloos De pittige kip liet me zweten De smaakloze soep was saai
Bot De pittige curry was te scherp De botte stoofpot was smaakloos
Saai Ik kan pittige gerechten niet aan Ik geef de voorkeur aan saaie smaken in mijn maaltijd
Zoet De pittige saus had een sterke kick Het zoete dessert was heerlijk
Mild De pittige salsa was erg pittig De milde saus was aangenaam
Zachtaardig De pittige saus was overheersend Het zachtaardige gerecht was subtiel
Getemperd De pittige kruiden waren intens Het getemperde gerecht was delicaat
Rustig De pittige schotel zette mijn mond in brand De rustige maaltijd liet me ontspannen
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of SPICY

In summary, when it comes to flavors, there’s a spectrum that ranges from mild to powerful. Dishes can be made with mild, subtle seasonings instead of bold and intense ones. A meal can be bland and tasteless or flavorful and rich in flavors. It all depends on the ingredients used and the preference of the individual. By using gentle, mild flavors instead of pungent and hot ones, a dish can be enjoyed by those who prefer a more delicate taste profile. Whether it’s a bland soup or a flavorful curry, there’s a wide range of options when it comes to balancing the right amount of seasoning for different palates.

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