Opposite of STEEP – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for steep refer to words that describe a gradual incline or gentle slope. When we use antonyms for steep, we are looking for terms that represent a more gradual or easy angle of ascent or descent. Essentially, these antonyms suggest a lack of sharpness or severity in the slope or climb.

Antonyms for steep can be particularly useful when discussing terrain, roads, prices, or any other situation where the opposite of a steep incline or increase is needed. By using these antonyms, we can convey the idea of a gentle slope or a gradual rise, providing a clearer picture or understanding of the situation at hand.

In writing or conversation, opting for antonyms of steep can help to create a more vivid description or explanation by contrasting with the harshness or intensity of something steep. By incorporating these antonyms effectively, we can paint a more nuanced and balanced picture for our audience.

35 Antonyms for STEEP With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for steep. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding STEEP antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Steep Sentence with Antonym
Shallow The steep mountain path was a challenge to climb. The shallow hill was easy to ascend.
Gradual The steep learning curve intimidated new employees. The gradual learning curve eased new employees.
Gentle The steep rollercoaster made my stomach drop. The gentle slope of the hill provided a smooth ride.
Flat The steep staircase made it hard for the elderly to climb. The flat ramp provided easy access to the building.
Sloping The steep incline was difficult to hike. The sloping hill was easy to traverse.
Mild The steep drop in temperature caught us off guard. The mild change in temperature was barely noticeable.
Gradual The steep decline in profits concerned the company. The gradual increase in sales reassured the stakeholders.
Shallow The steep riverbank made it hard to fish. The shallow water made it easier to cast a line.
Even The steep cliffs were dangerous to climb. The even ground made walking effortless.
Low The steep price of the luxury car was out of my budget. The low cost of the economy model fit within my budget.
Gradual The steep drop-off was alarming to swimmers. The gradual slope of the shore met the water gently.
Moderate The steep incline of the treadmill challenged my workout. The moderate setting on the treadmill was more manageable.
Level The steep hills were tough for bikers to climb. The level terrain made cycling a breeze.
Soft The steep downturn in the stock market was worrisome. The soft rebound brought relief to investors.
Easy The steep homework assignment took hours to complete. The easy task was finished quickly.
Gradual The steep price increase was drastic for consumers. The gradual rise in prices was expected.
Sluggish The steep decline in sales needed immediate action. The sluggish growth in sales required a push.
Major The steep steps to achieve success were daunting. The major steps forward were significant.
Prolonged The steep climb to the summit was exhausting. The prolonged descent was a relief.
Ascend The steep hike up the mountain was challenging. The descend down the mountain was enjoyable.
Regular The steep rise in fuel prices affected everyone. The regular prices made budgeting easier.
Succinct The steep jump in profits surprised the investors. The succinct decrease in costs pleased the management.
Gradual The steep drop in temperature caught us off guard. The gradual temperature increase was comforting.
Easy The steep learning curve intimidated newcomers. The easy transition welcomed them warmly.
Rapid The steep decline in health was alarming. The rapid recovery amazed the doctors.
Gentle The steep slope of the ski run was challenging. The gentle incline was perfect for beginners.
Slow The steep drop in sales worried the company. The slow increase in revenue was reassuring.
Low The steep cost of living forced many to move. The low housing prices attracted new residents.
Harmonious The steep decline in working conditions was unacceptable. The harmonious workplace environment was appreciated.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of STEEP

In contrast to the steep climb we endured earlier, the gradual incline of the path made our journey much easier and more manageable. The gentle slope allowed for a leisurely pace, with no need to exert ourselves like we did on the steep terrain. The descent was smooth and effortless, a stark contrast to the challenging descent down the steep hill we faced before.

Overall, the difference between steep and gradual inclines is remarkable. While steep paths can be daunting and demanding, gentle slopes offer a more comfortable and pleasant experience. It’s clear that the choice of terrain can greatly impact the difficulty and enjoyment of our journey.

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