Opposite of STRICT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for strict refer to words that represent the opposite of strictness in terms of rules, regulations, or behavior. These antonyms typically convey a sense of leniency, flexibility, or freedom in comparison to being strict.

When we speak of antonyms for strict, we are looking at words that provide a contrast to the concept of being stringent, harsh, or inflexible. These antonyms can describe a variety of situations where rules are not enforced strictly or where individuals have more leeway in their actions.

Exploring antonyms for strict allows us to understand the spectrum of approaches to rules and discipline, highlighting the different attitudes and behaviors that can be adopted in various contexts. By examining these antonyms, we gain insight into the nuances of language and how words can convey contrasting meanings when discussing the concept of strictness.

35 Antonyms for STRICT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for strict. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding STRICT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Strict Sentence with Antonym
Lenient The teacher was strict when it came to homework deadlines. The teacher was lenient and allowed late submissions.
Flexible The company had a strict policy regarding work hours. The company adopted a flexible approach to accommodate different schedules.
Lax The security at the event was very strict with bag checks. The security at the event was lax and hardly checked any bags.
Easygoing The supervisor had a strict demeanor in the office. The supervisor was known for being easygoing and approachable.
Relaxed The dress code was very strict for the formal event. The dress code was more relaxed for the casual gathering.
Permissive The parents were strict about curfew for their children. The parents were more permissive and allowed their children to stay out later.
Tolerant The rules in the prison were very strict for the inmates. The rules in the new facility were more tolerant and allowed more freedom.
Indulgent The teacher was not strict when it came to grading. The teacher was indulgent and gave high marks easily.
Careless The manager was always strict about following safety procedures. The manager was careless and often overlooked safety regulations.
Slack The coach was known for his strict training regimen. The coach decided to take a slack approach to training this season.
Relenting The judge was strict in his sentencing of the criminals. The judge seemed to be relenting and offering second chances to the accused.
Informal The office had a strict dress code that employees had to follow. The office adopted a more informal dress code to promote a relaxed environment.
Nonchalant The supervisor was strict about punctuality in the office. The supervisor was nonchalant and didn’t mind if employees were late.
Gentle The punishments at the school were very strict. The punishments at the new school were more gentle and focused on rehabilitation.
Open-minded The professor was strict in his grading of the papers. The professor was open-minded and considered various perspectives in his evaluations.
Soft The coach was very strict with the team’s training schedule. The coach decided to take a soft approach and give the team more rest days.
Easy The teacher was strict in enforcing the no-phone policy. The teacher was easy and didn’t mind if students used their phones in class.
Relaxed The manager had a strict policy about taking breaks at work. The manager decided to implement a more relaxed break system.
Flexible The rules in the household were very strict for the children. The rules in their new household were more flexible and allowed for negotiation.
Casual The office had a very strict policy on office timings. The office adopted a more casual approach to work hours.
Liberal The teacher was strict in grading essays for the class. The teacher was more liberal and accepted a wider range of interpretations.
Compassionate The supervisor was very strict with deadlines. The new supervisor was more compassionate and understood extenuating circumstances.
Loose The coach was extremely strict with physical training. The coach took a more loose approach and focused on fun exercises.
Forgiving The disciplinary actions in the school were very strict. The disciplinary actions in the new school were more forgiving and encouraging.
Permissive The manager was strict about adhering to company policies. The manager was permissive and allowed some leeway in following guidelines.
Open The coach was strict in maintaining team discipline. The coach decided to be more open to suggestions from team members.
Informal The school had a strict policy against cell phone use. The school adopted a more informal approach and allowed limited use.
Humane The teacher was strict in upholding classroom rules. The teacher was humane and believed in a more empathetic approach.
Moderate The enforcement of rules was quite strict in the institution. The institution moved towards a more moderate enforcement strategy.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of STRICT

In conclusion, flexibility allows for adaptability, leniency promotes openness to interpretation, and tolerance encourages a broader perspective. These characteristics contrast starkly with strictness, offering room for creativity, individuality, and understanding. By embracing these antonyms for strict, we empower ourselves to approach situations with a more relaxed and accommodating mindset, fostering cooperation and harmony in our interactions with others. Ultimately, by incorporating elements of flexibility, leniency, and tolerance into our approach, we can navigate various scenarios with grace and understanding, leading to more positive outcomes and improved relationships.

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