Opposite of STRONG – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for strong are words that convey the opposite meaning of strength. These terms represent qualities that differ from power, robustness, or effectiveness. Seeking antonyms for strong allows for a nuanced exploration of language and a more precise expression of ideas.

These antonyms can be used to describe various attributes, such as weakness, fragility, or vulnerability. By identifying antonyms for strong, individuals can communicate a wide range of emotions, characteristics, and circumstances with accuracy and depth. Understanding the opposite of strong can provide a more comprehensive understanding of language and enhance communication skills.

In writing or speaking, utilizing antonyms for strong can add contrast, create vivid imagery, and offer a different perspective on a subject. By incorporating these opposites into discussions or compositions, individuals can enrich their vocabulary and convey nuanced meanings with clarity and emphasis.

35 Antonyms for STRONG With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for strong. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding STRONG antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Strong Sentence with Antonym
Weak She was strong enough to lift the heavy box. She was too weak to lift the heavy box.
Fragile The bridge was strong enough to support heavy trucks. The glass was too fragile to hold any weight.
Feeble Despite his strong efforts, he couldn’t open the stubborn jar. Due to his feeble attempts, he couldn’t budge the lid.
Soft His argument was strong and persuasive. Her case was soft and unconvincing.
Delicate The mountain climber had a strong grip on the rock face. The flower petals were too delicate to touch.
Frail Grandma may be old, but her spirit is still strong. The old chair is frail and wouldn’t hold anyone.
Dull He has a strong personality that shines through in his work. She has a rather dull personality that lacks charisma.
Powerless The superhero was strong enough to lift cars. The villain was completely powerless against him.
Ineffectual The medicine was strong enough to cure his illness. The placebo was ineffectual in providing any relief.
Unstable The foundation of the house was strong enough to withstand earthquakes. The old barn was too unstable to enter safely.
Flimsy The new steel beams were strong and durable. The cardboard box was too flimsy to hold anything.
Unconvincing The witness had a strong testimony that swayed the jury. The defendant’s alibi was unconvincing and easily refuted.
Wimpy He was strong and stood up to bullies. His younger brother was wimpy and often got pushed around.
Helpless The lifeguard was a strong swimmer and rescued the drowning child. The child felt helpless as the wave knocked him down.
Faint The strong scent of flowers filled the room. The faint aroma of the spice was barely noticeable.
Lame The joke she told was strong and had everyone laughing. His attempt at humor was lame and fell flat.
Deficient She has a strong immune system that fights off illnesses. He has a deficient immune system that leaves him vulnerable.
Brittle The metal was strong and malleable. The glass was brittle and shattered easily.
Cowardly Facing the danger head-on, she showed strong bravery. He displayed cowardly behavior by running away.
Unable With her strong determination, she completed the marathon. He was unable to continue due to his weak stamina.
Slack She had a strong work ethic that impressed her boss. His slack attitude towards work led to his termination.
Passive He was strong in his convictions and always stood up for his beliefs. She was too passive and rarely voiced her opinions.
Depleted After the intense workout, her muscles felt strong. His energy was completely depleted after the long run.
Timid Despite his strong voice, he was nervous to speak in public. She had a timid voice and avoided public speaking.
Unstable The house had a strong foundation that withstood the storm. Their relationship was unstable and prone to arguments.
Diminished His strong leadership brought the team to victory. The team’s morale was diminished after the loss.
Unreliable The bridge was strong and held up against the flood. The old boat was unreliable and often broke down.
Limp Despite his strong muscles, his injured leg made him limp. Her limp handshake revealed her lack of strong grip.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of STRONG

In conclusion, strength can be demonstrated in many forms, whether it is physical, emotional, or mental. While weakness may be seen as the opposite of strength, it is essential to recognize that vulnerability and sensitivity are also qualities that require courage and resilience. Embracing our vulnerabilities and acknowledging our limitations can lead to deeper connections with others and a greater sense of self-awareness.

Therefore, understanding and accepting the spectrum of emotions and experiences, including moments of fragility, can ultimately contribute to our overall growth and strength. It is not just about being physically robust, but also about being open, adaptable, and willing to confront our weaknesses with honesty and self-compassion.

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