Opposite of THOROUGH – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When seeking alternative words to convey a less exhaustive or detailed approach, antonyms for thorough come in handy. Antonyms are words that express the opposite meaning of another word. In this case, we are exploring the various options available to replace the term “thorough” with words that signify a less comprehensive or exhaustive approach.

Common examples of antonyms for thorough include words like superficial, cursory, or incomplete. These words offer a nuanced understanding of a task or situation that falls short of being all-encompassing or meticulously detailed. By employing antonyms for thorough, one can effectively communicate a different level of depth or intensity in their descriptions or explanations.

35 Antonyms for THOROUGH With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for thorough. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding THOROUGH antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Thorough Sentence with Antonym
Superficial He made a thorough investigation of the crime scene. She only did a superficial check of the documents.
Incomplete The project was thoroughly analyzed before its implementation. Unfortunately, the work was left incomplete.
Careless She always does her work thoroughly and with attention to detail. He is known for being careless with his assignments.
Hasty He needs to conduct a thorough review of the proposals before making a decision. Due to time constraints, she could only provide a hasty examination.
Superficial The doctor examined the patient thoroughly to determine the cause of the illness. Unfortunately, the nurse only did a superficial check.
Inattentive She listened thoroughly to the instructions to avoid any mistakes. He was inattentive during the briefing session.
Shallow She provided a thorough analysis of the issue during the meeting. He only offered a shallow explanation for his actions.
Neglectful The teacher always prepares her lessons thoroughly for the students. He was neglectful in his duties and missed important details.
Partial They had a thorough discussion about the matter to reach a resolution. Unfortunately, due to lack of time, they only had a partial conversation.
Lazy She always completes her work thoroughly and efficiently. He is often perceived as lazy and does tasks half-heartedly.
Brief Before signing the contract, it is crucial to read it thoroughly. Due to time constraints, she could only provide a brief overview.
Shallow The scientist investigated the phenomenon thoroughly to understand its complexity. Many people only have a shallow understanding of the topic.
Incomplete The report was thoroughly researched before being submitted. However, it was deemed incomplete and lacking critical information.
Casual She always dresses thoroughly for important meetings. He, on the other hand, often appears casual and unprepared.
Slapdash It is important to create a thorough plan before starting the project. However, their approach seems slapdash and disorganized.
Expedited She requested a thorough review of the document to ensure accuracy. However, due to time constraints, she had to request an expedited review.
Quick The detective performed a thorough investigation to solve the case. However, the police officer opted for a quick investigation.
Neglectful He meticulously placed all the items in the suitcase thoroughly. She, however, was neglectful and left items behind.
Skimpy He believed in providing thorough advice to his clients for their benefit. However, his colleague only offered skimpy information.
Imperfect The blacksmith created a thorough masterpiece with intricate details. However, the artisan’s creation was imperfect and lacked precision.
Negligent The architect ensured the construction was thoroughly planned and executed. However, the contractor was negligent and caused many issues.
Quick She thoughtfully considered all options thoroughly before making a decision. Unlike her, he made decisions quickly without much thought.
Hastily The team worked thoroughly to complete the project ahead of schedule. Unfortunately, the other team rushed and completed their part hastily.
Imperfect The artist meticulously painted the details on the canvas thoroughly. However, the amateur’s work was imperfect and lacked finesse.
Partial The investigator examined the evidence thoroughly to uncover the truth. The other detective was partial in his investigation, resulting in missed clues.
Insufficient It is crucial to conduct a thorough evaluation of the results before presenting them. However, the initial review was insufficient and needed more data.
Rushed They spent hours thoroughly cleaning the apartment before the guests arrived. Meanwhile, their neighbors rushed through the cleaning process.
Limited The editor did a thorough check of the manuscript before sending it to print. However, the proofreader’s feedback seemed limited and vague.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of THOROUGH

In conclusion, being thorough means being comprehensive, meticulous, and detailed in one’s approach, leaving no stone unturned. Making a hasty or superficial assessment can lead to oversights, mistakes, and incomplete outcomes. It is crucial to be thorough in tasks to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and quality in the results obtained. Skipping steps or rushing through a process can compromise the overall success of the project or goal at hand. Therefore, taking the time to be thorough and diligent in all endeavors is key to achieving successful and satisfactory outcomes.

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