Opposite of THOROUGHLY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we seek antonyms for a word, we aim to find terms that hold opposite meanings or convey contrasting ideas. Antonyms serve as valuable tools in language, allowing for nuance and variety in communication. By exploring antonyms, we can pinpoint the exact opposite of a concept, offering a well-rounded understanding of the language.

Examining antonyms for “thoroughly” can unveil a range of terms that express different degrees of completeness or intensity. This process enables us to explore shades of meaning and select the most fitting word for our intended expression. By identifying antonyms for “thoroughly,” we gain insight into alternative ways to convey ideas with precision and clarity.

Antonyms for “thoroughly” can bring a fresh perspective to our vocabulary and assist in crafting nuanced and diverse narratives. Whether in writing or conversation, understanding these opposing terms can enrich our language skills and broaden our communication repertoire. By delving into antonyms, we expand our linguistic toolbox, enhancing our ability to articulate thoughts and convey meanings effectively.

35 Antonyms for THOROUGHLY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for thoroughly. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding THOROUGHLY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Thoroughly Sentence with Antonym
Incompletely He skimmed through the report thoroughly He only partially read the report
Superficial She examined the issue thoroughly She only looked at the issue superficially
Carelessly He handled the project thoroughly He dealt with the project carelessly
Quickly She thoroughly reviewed the manuscript She quickly glanced through the manuscript
Hastily They thoroughly prepared for the meeting They hastily put together last-minute plans
Negligently The technician fixed the machine thoroughly The technician repaired the machine negligently
Casually He spoke thoroughly about the topic He briefly and casually mentioned the topic
Inattentively She listened thoroughly to the instructions She listened inattentively to the directions
Partially The data was examined thoroughly The data was only partially analyzed
Sloppily The painter finished the job thoroughly The painter completed the task sloppily
Shallowly He explored the concept thoroughly He barely scratched the surface and did so shallowly
Hastily She read the contract thoroughly She quickly glanced over the contract hastily
Inadequately He addressed the issue thoroughly He dealt with the matter inadequately
Uncarefully They handpicked the selection thoroughly They chose the items uncarefully
Hastily The chef cooked the dish thoroughly The chef prepared the meal hastily
Partly She remembers the story thoroughly She only recalls the story partly
Hastily He answered the questions thoroughly He responded to inquiries hastily
Briefly The manager explained the project thoroughly The manager discussed the project briefly
Superficially She examined the evidence thoroughly She looked at the evidence superficially
Scantily The report was reviewed thoroughly The report was only looked at scantily
Unthorough He planned the event thoroughly He organized the event unthoroughly
Shallowly They delved into the research thoroughly They skimmed the research shallowly
Partial She cleaned the house thoroughly She tidied the house only partially
Neglectfully He maintained the garden thoroughly He cared for the garden neglectfully
Haphazardly She organized her notes thoroughly She arranged the information haphazardly
Partially They implemented the strategy thoroughly They only executed the plan partially
Inadequately He explained the procedure thoroughly He detailed the process inadequately
Incompletely She grasped the lesson thoroughly She understood the material incompletely
Skimpily The chef seasoned the dish thoroughly The chef seasoned the dish skimpily
Wastefully The team used the resources thoroughly The team used the resources wastefully
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of THOROUGHLY

In order to ensure complete understanding or knowledge, it is important to meticulously examine information rather than superficially scanning it. The careful consideration of details can lead to a comprehensive grasp of the subject matter instead of a superficial understanding. It is vital to delve deeply into a topic to gain a thorough understanding rather than skimming the surface.

By delving deeply into a subject, one can avoid overlooking important information and develop a more profound comprehension of the material. Taking the time to thoroughly analyze and explore a topic can lead to a more enriched understanding compared to merely skimming through it. It is through a comprehensive examination that one can acquire a more in-depth knowledge and insight into the subject at hand.

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