Opposite of TRANSPIRE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we talk about antonyms for the word “transpire,” we are essentially looking for words that convey the opposite meaning of what “transpire” signifies. “Transpire” typically means to occur or happen, often used to describe the unfolding of events or information. Therefore, antonyms for “transpire” would involve words that denote concealment, secrecy, or non-disclosure.

The antonyms for “transpire” may include terms such as “conceal,” “hide,” “cover-up,” or “suppress.” These words suggest actions taken to keep something hidden or undisclosed, in direct contrast to the openness or revelation implied by the word “transpire.” By understanding these antonyms, we can better appreciate the nuanced spectrum of meanings associated with different expressions and choose our words more precisely in communication.

In everyday conversations or formal writing, knowing antonyms for “transpire” can enhance our linguistic repertoire and help us accurately convey our intended message. By incorporating these antonyms into our vocabulary, we can articulate ideas more effectively, emphasizing the importance of clarity and precision in language usage.

35 Antonyms for TRANSPIRE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for transpire. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding TRANSPIRE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Transpire Sentence with Antonym
Conceal The details of the meeting will transpire soon. The truth will conceal from us.
Suppress I don’t want my emotions to transpire at the party. He tried to suppress his laughter.
Hide I wish this secret doesn’t transpire to anyone. He wanted to hide his true feelings.
Bury The story of his past will transpire in the media. He tried to bury his past mistakes.
Obfuscate The plan started to transpire during the meeting. They tried to obfuscate the details.
Conceal The truth behind the accident will transpire soon. They will conceal the evidence.
Hide His plans for the future will transpire eventually. He decided to hide his intentions.
Withhold The details of the project started to transpire. They tried to withhold important information.
Disguise Her true motives will transpire once investigated. She tried to disguise her intentions.
Cover The reality of the situation will transpire eventually. They wanted to cover their tracks.
Obscure The truth will transpire after the investigation. They tried to obscure the facts.
Suppress His feelings started to transpire during the argument. He had to suppress his anger.
Hide The details of the contract will transpire soon. They wanted to hide the terms.
Conceal The information will transpire during the presentation. They will conceal the real purpose.
Muffle His cries for help will transpire through the walls. He tried to muffle his sobs.
Veil The mystery will transpire in the upcoming episodes. They plan to veil the truth.
Camouflage The hidden truth will transpire during the trial. They aimed to camouflage the reality.
Shroud The reality will transpire once the investigation concludes. They aimed to shroud the truth.
Cloak His real intentions will transpire in due time. He tried to cloak his plans.
Keep The news of the promotion will transpire next week. They wanted to keep the information private.
Supervene The consequences of the decision will transpire shortly. The issues didn’t supervene as expected.
Occult The hidden agenda will transpire during the negotiation. They attempted to occult their true intentions.
Repress Her emotions started to transpire during the conversation. She had to repress her feelings.
Shield The truth will transpire with further investigation. They tried to shield their actions.
Enshroud The details will transpire with more evidence. He aimed to enshroud the situation.
Heed The consequences of the decision will transpire shortly. They failed to heed the warnings.
Smother His intentions started to transpire through his actions. He tried to smother his desires.
Quash The truth will transpire despite their efforts. They wanted to quash the information.
Swathe The reality will transpire in the coming days. They tried to swathe the facts.
Gatekeep The news will transpire to everyone eventually. They tried to gatekeep the information.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of TRANSPIRE

In conclusion, occurrences that unfold, develop, or progress may happen without being disclosed, revealed, or exposed. Events can take place discreetly, silently, or privately, away from the knowledge or observation of others. When things happen silently or privately, they are not necessarily kept hidden or withheld, but simply unfold without drawing attention or being made known to all. It is essential to remember that happenings can occur in various ways, whether they are disclosed publicly or remain concealed from public view.

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