Opposite of VANGUARD – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

In linguistics, antonyms are words that have opposite meanings from each other. These word pairs are often used to express contrast and provide different perspectives within a language. While synonyms refer to words with similar meanings, antonyms highlight the diversity of language by showcasing opposing concepts.

Exploring antonyms can help deepen our understanding of vocabulary and language nuances. By recognizing and learning antonyms, we can enhance our communication skills and express ideas more precisely. This fundamental concept allows us to build richer and more dynamic conversations and written compositions.

In the realm of language and communication, antonyms serve as essential tools for expanding our linguistic repertoire. Understanding and using antonyms can add depth and complexity to our expressions, enabling us to convey a wider range of thoughts and emotions. By embracing antonyms, we can unlock new possibilities in crafting impactful messages and engaging with others through the diverse spectrum of language.

35 Antonyms for VANGUARD With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for vanguard. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding VANGUARD antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Vanguard Sentence with Antonym
Laggard The vanguard of the army led the way into battle. The laggard of the army fell behind the rest of the troops.
Follower She was always at the vanguard of the latest fashion trends. She didn’t want to be a follower and preferred to set her style.
Rear The vanguard of the parade approached the town square. The rear of the parade was a few blocks behind.
Trailing The vanguard of the race runners were far ahead. The rest of the runners were trailing far behind.
Back The vanguard of the group arrived at the destination first. The others at the back of the group were still making their way.
Slowpoke He was always in the vanguard of any new technology. His brother was a slowpoke when it came to adopting new tools.
Straggler The vanguard of the hikers reached the peak in record time. The straggler was left behind and needed help catching up.
Bystander She was at the vanguard of the social movement, leading the protests. He chose to be a bystander and refused to take a stand.
Bring up the rear The vanguard of the fleet sailed ahead to scout the enemy. The slower ships were meant to bring up the rear and provide backup.
Dillydallier The vanguard of explorers trekked through the dense jungle. The dillydallier in the group kept stopping to admire the scenery.
Run-of-the-mill The company prided itself on its vanguard technology. Their competitors offered run-of-the-mill solutions.
Reserve The vanguard of the team charged forward into battle. The rest of the soldiers were held in reserve at the base.
Conventional She was always at the vanguard of experimental art projects. Her colleague preferred to paint in a more conventional style.
Dozy He’s often at the vanguard of scientific breakthroughs. His colleague is considered a bit dozy and slow to catch on.
Trail The vanguard of the cyclists pedaled away with great speed. The trail of stragglers struggled to keep up with the group.
Outmoded He’s known for being at the vanguard of progressive politics. His opponent is seen as being stuck in outmoded policies.
Outpaced The vanguard of the marathon runners already crossed the finish line. The slower runners were outpaced by the more skilled athletes.
Junior The vanguard of scientists made groundbreaking discoveries. The junior members of the team were still learning the basics.
Stay back The vanguard of the volunteers rushed in to help those in need. The others were instructed to stay back and wait for further instructions.
Drones The company was known for being at the vanguard of technology. Their competitors were considered drones with no innovation.
Retreat The vanguard of the party plunged into the waves with excitement. The others chose to retreat back to the safety of the shore.
Limiting She was always at the vanguard of pushing boundaries in her work. Her colleague, in contrast, was seen as being limiting in his creativity.
Lag The vanguard of the marathon was far ahead of the pack. The lag between the first and last runners was significant.
Lingerer They were at the vanguard of the march, leading the chants. The lingerer in the back was distracted and didn’t keep up.
Breakaway The company aimed to stay at the vanguard of innovation. Falling behind would mean being part of a breakaway from progress.
Standard She was at the vanguard of artistry, always trying new styles. Her classmates opted for a more traditional standard approach.
Fall in behind The vanguard of the team went ahead to scout the terrain. The others were expected to fall in behind and march together.
Disinterested She was at the vanguard of the fight for equality. Her friend remained disinterested in social issues.
Lean The vanguard of the company was made up of young innovators. The lean group left older, more traditional employees behind.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of VANGUARD

Innovation is not just the responsibility of the vanguard but also benefits from the collective efforts of the mainstream. While the avant-garde pushes boundaries, the traditionalists provide stability, creating a balanced ecosystem for progress. The leading edge is essential for change, but the trailing edge ensures continuity and grounding in familiar practices.

By recognizing and respecting the diverse contributions of both the avant-garde and the mainstream, society can harness the full spectrum of perspectives and skills. Embracing the antonyms of vanguard fosters a harmonious blend of cutting-edge ideas and time-tested principles, ultimately leading to sustainable growth and development.

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