Opposite of WELCOME – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for “welcome” are words that convey the opposite meaning of greeting or acceptance. When we explore antonyms for “welcome,” we encounter words that express exclusion, rejection, or unwillingness.

These antonyms provide a different perspective on the concept of being welcomed, highlighting situations where individuals may not be received positively or invited in. By understanding the antonyms for “welcome,” we gain insight into contrasting emotions and actions that play a role in social interactions and relationships.

Overall, exploring antonyms for “welcome” enhances our vocabulary and comprehension of the diverse ways people can be greeted or acknowledged. It broadens our understanding of hospitality and the various responses individuals may encounter in different environments.

35 Antonyms for WELCOME With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for welcome. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding WELCOME antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Welcome Sentence with Antonym
Reject He welcomed her with open arms. He rejected her request without hesitation.
Refuse The host welcomes all guests warmly. The host refuses to allow any uninvited visitors into the premises.
Shun The team welcomed the new player with enthusiasm. The team decided to shun the new player due to his lack of skills.
Exile The welcome sight of home brought tears to her eyes. The traveler was met with an exile of unfamiliarity when he reached the new country.
Cold-shoulder She welcomes constructive criticism to improve her work. She felt offended when they decided to cold-shoulder her ideas during the meeting.
Deny The neighborhood always welcomes new residents. The community decided to deny the new family membership due to past conduct.
Banish His warm smile welcomes all who enter his shop. The dark clouds seem to banish any signs of warmth and sunshine.
Ostracize She welcomed the opportunity to showcase her talents. He felt isolated and ostracized by his peers due to his unconventional thinking.
Dismiss The principal welcomed new ideas from the students. The supervisor chose to dismiss all suggestions made by the team without consideration.
Repel The open gates welcome visitors with a friendly greeting. The closed gates seem to repel anyone trying to enter the abandoned building.
Antagonize The speaker welcomes questions from the audience. His abrasive behavior tends to antagonize those around him.
Bar The club gladly welcomed new members. The establishment decided to bar entry to all underaged individuals after the incident.
Ban The host welcomes everyone to join in the celebrations. The organization chose to ban certain individuals from attending the event.
Refute She welcomes challenges to test her knowledge. He felt the need to refute any opposing argument that came his way.
Neglect He welcomed the criticism as an opportunity for growth. The company’s lack of response to customer complaints was viewed as neglect.
Blacklist The community welcomes diversity among its residents. The company decided to blacklist the former employee after the incident.
Discourage The club welcomes all who share a love for music. The constant criticism began to discourage her from pursuing her passion.
Shut out The school welcomes parent volunteers to help in various activities. The rules seemed to shut out any opportunity for parental involvement in school affairs.
Turn away She welcomes the chance to learn new skills. The organization decided to turn away all applicants who did not meet the criteria.
Repulse The warm fire welcomes all who seek comfort on a cold night. The eerie feeling of the abandoned house seemed to repulse anyone passing by.
Scorn The mentor welcomes questions from eager students. The arrogant behavior of the professor tends to scorn those who challenge his expertise.
Deter The zoo welcomes visitors of all ages. The heavy rain forecast did not deter the group from going on their planned picnic.
Disapprove The company welcomes unconventional ideas in brainstorming sessions. His family tends to disapprove of any career choices that do not align with tradition.
Debar The hotel welcomes guests with exceptional hospitality. The management decided to debar all unregistered visitors from entering the premises.
Obstruct The travel agency welcomes suggestions for improving their services. The roadblocks ahead started to obstruct their journey to the remote village.
Spurn The kind teacher welcomes struggling students for extra help. The wealthy woman tends to spurn any attention from those she deems beneath her.
Boycott The school welcomes parent involvement in school council meetings. The community decided to boycott the local business after the controversial incident.
Rebuff The team captain welcomes feedback from the coach. She felt hurt when he decided to rebuff her sincere apology.
Reject The restaurant welcomes feedback to improve their services. He decided to reject the job offer due to the unfavorable terms.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of WELCOME

Using terms like “reject,” “refuse,” “exclude,” and “dismiss” can convey the opposite of being “welcomed” or accepted. These words suggest a lack of invitation or acceptance, highlighting a sense of exclusion or disapproval instead. For example, instead of saying “You are welcome to join us,” one could say “You are not invited to be a part of this.”

By recognizing and utilizing antonyms for “welcome,” such as “turn away,” “ignore,” “shun,” and “snub,” one can effectively convey the idea of being unwelcome or not accepted. These words underscore the notion of being denied acceptance or approval, emphasizing a lack of hospitality or inclusivity in a given situation.

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