Opposite of WIDE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for “wide” are words that have opposite meanings to the term, indicating something that is not broad, vast, or spacious. These antonyms offer a way to contrast the expansive nature of “wide” with terms that signify narrowness, limitation, or confinement. By exploring antonyms for “wide,” one can gain a deeper understanding of the concept by examining its contrasting counterparts.

The study of antonyms for “wide” provides valuable insights into the richness and complexity of language. By exploring the opposite of “wide,” individuals can expand their vocabulary and communication skills, enabling them to express themselves more precisely and effectively. Understanding antonyms for “wide” also allows for greater nuance in descriptions and comparisons, enhancing the ability to convey specific meanings in various contexts.

In literature and everyday communication, antonyms for “wide” play a crucial role in providing clarity and depth to descriptions, narratives, and conversations. By understanding the antonyms of “wide,” individuals can convey subtle nuances, evoke vivid images, and create more engaging and expressive language. Exploring these contrasting terms adds layers of meaning and complexity to communication, enriching the way we perceive and interact with the world around us.

35 Antonyms for WIDE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for wide. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding WIDE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Wide Sentence with Antonym
Narrow The river is wide at this point The road suddenly became narrow
Limited We have a wide variety of options Our choices are limited in this situation
Tight The bathroom is wide and spacious The hallway is tight and cramped
Confined She felt wide open spaces around her He found it hard to breathe in the confined room
Contracted Her smile became wide with happiness His expression was contracted out of fear
Shallow The lake is wide and deep The pond is shallow and lacks depth
Slim The wide desk took up most of the room The slim table fit perfectly in the small space
Restricted There is a wide range of options available We are on a restricted diet
Tightened The fabric had a wide fit She tightened the belt around her waist
Tapering The river bank was wide and full of wildlife The path was tapering down the mountain slope
Restricted The doctor recommended a wide variety of vitamins The librarian has restricted access to new books
Scant The fabric was wide and easy to work with The material was scant and difficult to manage
Enclosed Our backyard is wide and perfect for playing The backyard is enclosed and too small to play
Reducing The wide road slowly became more narrow The belt was reducing in size
Thin The river was wide and deep The creek was thin and shallow
Tight The shirt was wide and comfortable The shirt was tight and uncomfortable
Limited She has a wide circle of friends His social circle is limited to a few people
Shut The door swung wide open He slammed the door shut behind him
Abrupt The road suddenly became wide and clear The path took an abrupt turn and became narrow
Squeezed The box was wide enough to hold all the items He squeezed everything into the small box
Hollow The tree trunk is wide and solid The log is hollow and empty inside
Constricted The tunnel opened up wide in front of us The tunnel constricted as we moved forward
Limited The possibilities are wide open for exploration Our options are limited due to budget constraints
Slackened His grip on the rope widened as he let go He tightened his grip and slackened his pace
Contracted The path was wide and clear to follow The pathway contracted into a narrow trail
Restricted The park offers a wide variety of activities The museum has restricted access to certain areas
Tight The dress was wide and flowy The pants were tight and restrictive
Reduced The river widened as it reached the estuary The stream reduced in size as it neared the source
Narrow His vision widened from wide to narrow Her perspective shifted from narrow to wide
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of WIDE

Narrow spaces can make us feel restricted, unlike wide areas that offer freedom and flexibility. Contrastingly, confined places limit movement while spacious surroundings allow for unrestricted motion. A constricted environment may induce feelings of confinement, but an expansive setting promotes a sense of openness and liberation. In conclusion, the antonym for wide, which is narrow, signifies a shift from an extensive expanse to a restricted area, highlighting the stark differences between the two opposing concepts.

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