Opposite of ALTRUISTIC – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When exploring language and building vocabulary, it’s essential to understand antonyms. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to one another, offering a rich nuance to communication and writing. By knowing antonyms for common words, we can enhance the depth and variety of our expression.

In the case of the term “altruistic,” which typically conveys selflessness and concern for others, antonyms represent a contrasting range of feelings and actions. Understanding antonyms for altruistic allows us to describe selfishness, egocentric behavior, or lack of empathy, providing a more complete spectrum of human characteristics and motivations.

By learning and incorporating antonyms for altruistic into our vocabulary, we can cultivate a more nuanced understanding of human behavior and attitudes. This awareness not only aids in effective communication but also offers insights into the complexities of interpersonal relationships and societal dynamics.

35 Antonyms for ALTRUISTIC With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for altruistic. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding ALTRUISTIC antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Altruistic Sentence with Antonym
Selfish She is always thinking of others before herself. He is known for his selfish behavior.
Greedy The organization runs on altruistic donations. Their greedy nature prevents them from helping others.
Stingy He is very altruistic and always ready to help. She is quite stingy with her resources.
Egotistical Her altruistic acts have benefited many people. His egotistical nature makes him think only of himself.
Inconsiderate Being altruistic means putting others’ needs first. His inconsiderate behavior hurt those around him.
Self-centered They engage in altruistic activities regularly. He is too self-centered to care about others.
Uncharitable Altruistic individuals often volunteer their time. Their uncharitable actions shocked the community.
Mercenary The altruistic group is dedicated to helping the needy. They are purely mercenary and only care about profits.
Self-serving The altruistic gesture touched everyone’s hearts. His actions are always self-serving and manipulative.
Avaricious Believing in altruistic acts can make a difference. Their avaricious intentions are clear in their actions.
Heartless His altruistic nature motivated others to help out. She showed her heartless side by ignoring those in need.
Unsympathetic The community is grateful for her altruistic deeds. He comes across as unsympathetic towards people’s suffering.
Self-seeking Being altruistic means acting for the benefit of others. They are only self-seeking and do not care about others.
Mean She possesses an altruistic spirit that inspires many. His mean attitude prevents him from helping others willingly.
Self-absorbed Altruistic acts can bring positivity to the community. He is too self-absorbed to notice the needs of others.
Materialistic Altruistic behavior can create a ripple of kindness. They are too materialistic to engage in selfless deeds.
Niggardly Being altruistic requires putting others’ needs first. Their niggardly behavior restricts them from helping others.
Oppressive They are known for their altruistic contributions. His oppressive actions prevent others from thriving.
Penny-pinching Altruistic individuals donate generously to charities. They are known for their penny-pinching ways even in need.
Thoughtless The altruistic group works tirelessly for the less fortunate. He regretted his thoughtless actions towards those in need.
Self-indulgent She carries out altruistic acts without seeking recognition. His self-indulgent nature prevents him from helping others.
Unconcerned People appreciate her altruistic nature and kindness. They appear unconcerned about the struggles of those around them.
Unkind Acts of altruism can have a profound impact on society. His unkind words undermine the importance of helping others.
Cruel His altruistic deeds have touched many lives. She exhibited cruel behavior that hurt those who needed help.
Hurtful Her altruistic intentions are evident in her actions. He tends to make hurtful choices rather than help those in need.
Neglectful Altruistic individuals prioritize the well-being of others. They are often neglectful of those who require assistance.
Unhelpful The team demonstrated altruistic values during the crisis. Their unhelpful stance left many struggling without support.
Unloving Her altruistic nature shines through in her generosity. He showed a cold and unloving persona towards those in need.
Unsympathetic Altruistic people strive to make the world a better place. Their unsympathetic attitude hinders any progress in helping others.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of ALTRUISTIC

In examining the opposite of “altruistic,” we have explored behaviors that are self-serving, selfish, and egoistic. Rather than putting the needs of others first, these actions are motivated by personal gain and individual satisfaction. Examples of behaviors that contrast with altruism include self-centeredness, greed, and competitiveness. In these instances, individuals prioritize their own interests over the well-being of others, showing a lack of concern or generosity towards those around them.

While altruistic behavior focuses on helping and benefiting others, these antonyms emphasize self-interest and a lack of consideration for the needs of others. By understanding and recognizing these opposing characteristics, we can better appreciate the importance of altruism in fostering empathy, compassion, and cooperation within our communities.

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