Opposite of DEPOSIT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When looking to understand the concept of antonyms for deposit, it is important to first grasp the meaning of the term “deposit.” In financial terms, a deposit refers to the act of placing money or valuables into a secure account, such as a bank account. This action is often done to save or store funds for future use or investment.

On the other end of the spectrum, antonyms for deposit refer to words or phrases that hold the opposite meaning of the word “deposit.” These antonyms can convey ideas such as withdrawal, removal, extraction, or deduction, indicating the act of taking money or valuables out of a designated account.

By exploring antonyms for deposit, we can gain a clearer understanding of the various financial transactions that take place within the realm of banking and personal finance. Understanding these antonyms can help individuals navigate the complexities of managing their funds and make informed decisions about when to add or subtract money from their accounts.

35 Antonyms for DEPOSIT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for deposit. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding DEPOSIT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Deposit Sentence with Antonym
Withdraw She deposited her paycheck into her savings account. She decided to withdraw some cash from her account.
Remove He deposited the keys into the designated drop box. He needed to remove the keys from the lock.
Take out I deposited the books back onto the library shelf. It’s time to take out the books to read.
Retrieve The customer deposited the item for repair. The customer can now retrieve the repaired item.
Dismantle The mechanic deposited the engine for inspection. It’s necessary to dismantle the engine for repairs.
Cash in They deposited the coins in the piggy bank. They plan to cash in the coins for a reward.
Collect The museum curator deposited the artifacts in storage. The museum curator plans to collect the artifacts.
Divest The investor deposited funds into the account. The investor decided to divest from that account.
Take back She deposited the borrowed items at the front desk. She had to take back the borrowed items to return them.
Expel The student deposited the gum under the desk. The teacher had to expel the student for misbehavior.
Withdrawal The bank required a large deposit for the mortgage. The bank allowed for a small withdrawal as initial payment.
Extraction The dentist recommended a root canal procedure. The dentist advised against tooth extraction.
Dismissal He deposited the complaint forms on the HR desk. The supervisor quickly issued a termination dismissal letter.
Recede The tide deposited shells along the shore. As the tide continued to come in, the shells began to recede.
Cash out She deposited all her winnings in the casino. She decided to cash out and leave with her winnings.
Debit She regularly deposited money into her savings. She had to debit some funds due to unexpected expenses.
Evacuate The residents were advised to deposit emergency supplies. The authorities then ordered them to evacuate the area.
Discharge The hospital asked the patient to deposit their belongings. They were later advised for a discharge from the hospital.
Recover He deposited the lost wallet at the lost and found. The rightful owner can now recover their lost wallet.
Expunge He didn’t mean to deposit his used tissue on the table. He realized his mistake and decided to expunge the tissue.
Confiscate The security guard deposited the confiscated items. The items were later returned as they could not legally be confiscated.
Emit The factory deposited harmful gases into the atmosphere. The company officials decided to cease emitting harmful gases.
Lessen The doctor advised to regularly deposit vitamins into the diet. The doctor now suggested to lessen the intake of vitamins.
Expatriate As part of the requirements, he needed to deposit his passport. As part of the naturalization process, he now needs to expatriate his citizenship.
Return She deposited the borrowed book at the library desk. She realizes she needs to return the borrowed book soon.
Deplete The company constantly deposited waste into the river. Environmental advocates argue this will deplete the local ecosystem.
Neglect She often deposited used tissues in various corners of the room. Her neglect of cleaning led to the accumulation of used tissues.
Exit Visitors are required to deposit gum into the provided bin. To ensure cleanliness, all visitors must exit gum outside.
Reclaim The department store requires a tag for depositing items. Customers must present the tag to reclaim deposited items.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of DEPOSIT

In contrast to withdrawals, which involve taking money out of an account, deposits refer to putting money into an account. While withdrawals reduce the balance, deposits increase the balance in an account. For example, instead of withdrawing money to pay for items, you can deposit funds into your savings account to build wealth over time.

Moreover, by refraining from withdrawing money and focusing on making regular deposits, individuals can steadily grow their savings. This approach helps to bolster financial stability and build a safety net for unexpected expenses. In essence, prioritizing deposits over withdrawals can lead to long-term financial security and peace of mind.

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