Opposite of FEELING – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for feeling refer to words that represent the opposite of various emotions or sensations. While feelings convey an individual’s emotional state, antonyms for feeling provide a contrasting perspective devoid of emotions or sentiments.

These antonyms serve as a linguistic tool to express neutrality, indifference, or the absence of emotions. By juxtaposing feelings with their opposites, individuals can effectively convey a sense of detachment or objectivity in communication.

Whether in writing or speaking, employing antonyms for feeling can help to create a balanced and nuanced dialogue by presenting contrasting viewpoints or emotions. This linguistic device adds depth and complexity to expression by offering a different lens through which to perceive and interpret various situations or experiences.

35 Antonyms for FEELING With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for feeling. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding FEELING antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Feeling Sentence with Antonym
Love She felt a deep connection with him. She disliked him immediately.
Happiness His feelings of joy were overwhelming. He was consumed by a sense of despair.
Excitement The news filled her with feelings of thrill. She was filled with apathy upon hearing the news.
Pleasure Swimming gives her a sense of enjoyment. Cleaning the house brings her no pleasure.
Contentment He was filled with a feeling of satisfaction. He could not find any peace in his current situation.
Passion She felt a burning desire for the project. She was indifferent and lacked any passion for it.
Ecstasy Their feelings of bliss were evident in their smiles. They were engulfed in a feeling of misery.
Delight The surprise filled her with a feeling of joy. The news of her failure filled her with disgust.
Warmth Hugs from loved ones always brought her a feeling of warmth. She was overcome by a coldness as she walked alone.
Compassion Feeling empathy for others always came naturally to her. She lacked any compassion towards those in need.
Affection The feeling of closeness between them was evident. There was a distinct lack of affection in their relationship.
Comfort The familiar place gave her a feeling of security. She was overwhelmed with discomfort in the new environment.
Sympathy He often felt sympathy towards those going through tough times. He showed no sympathy for their struggles.
Tenderness His feeling of tenderness towards her never wavered. His harsh words showed a complete lack of tenderness.
Admiration She felt admiration towards his dedication to the cause. She had no admiration for his work.
Caring She was always caring towards her family and friends. She displayed a complete lack of caring in her actions.
Fondness The feeling of fondness she had for the old painting was evident. She had a dislike for the old painting.
Empathy She always felt empathy towards those going through tough times. She was completely devoid of empathy towards others.
Kindness Her kindness knew no bounds when it came to helping others. He lacked any kindness in his interactions with people.
Sincerity Her feelings of sincerity were evident in her genuine smile. There was a lack of sincerity in his words.
Generosity He always felt generous towards those in need. He showed a complete lack of generosity towards others.
Trust The feeling of trust between them was unbreakable. She had a deep mistrust towards others.
Connection They felt connected through their shared experiences. There was a distinct lack of connection between them.
Intimacy The feeling of intimacy between them was undeniable. There was a complete lack of intimacy in their relationship.
Friendship The strong feeling of friendship between them was evident. There was no friendship in the way they interacted.
Harmony The feeling of harmony in the room was calming. The discord among them created a complete lack of harmony.
Empowerment The workshop left her with a feeling of empowerment. She was overwhelmed with a sense of helplessness.
Elation His feelings of elation at the news were contagious. The news brought her a sense of despair instead.
Enthusiasm She felt a rush of enthusiasm for the upcoming project. She could only muster a sense of indifference.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of FEELING

Understanding antonyms for feeling can help us better express our emotions and thoughts. By learning words that represent the opposite of common feelings like love/hate, happy/sad, or calm/anxious, we can be more precise in our communication. Expressing ourselves accurately can improve relationships and promote clearer understanding between individuals.

Having a broad vocabulary that includes antonyms for feelings can also enhance our ability to empathize with others and better comprehend the complexities of human emotions. It enables us to navigate a wider spectrum of emotions and experiences, leading to more meaningful and fulfilling interactions with those around us.

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