Opposite of JEALOUS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for jealous are terms that represent the opposite feelings or emotions experienced when one is not envious or possessive. These words convey positive sentiments such as contentment, admiration, or happiness towards others’ successes or belongings. Antonyms for jealous help to articulate a healthy and secure attitude towards relationships and personal accomplishments.

Expressing admiration and contentment towards others without feeling envious or possessive characterizes individuals who embody the antonyms for jealous. These terms signify a sense of security in oneself and a genuine happiness for the achievements and good fortune of others. By understanding and incorporating these antonyms into our vocabulary and mindset, we can foster healthier and more fulfilling relationships with others.

By recognizing and utilizing antonyms for jealous in our interactions and thoughts, we can cultivate a mindset of appreciation, support, and positivity towards those around us. These words serve as a reminder to celebrate others’ successes without comparing or feeling threatened by them, ultimately leading to a more harmonious and fulfilling existence.

35 Antonyms for JEALOUS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for jealous. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding JEALOUS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Jealous Sentence with Antonym
Content She was jealous of her friend’s accomplishments. She was content with her own achievements.
Trustful His jealous behavior was a sign of insecurity. His trustful nature made him believe in others easily.
Secure Sarah felt jealous whenever her boyfriend spoke to other women. Sarah felt secure in her relationship and had no doubts.
Unenvious Jenna couldn’t help but feel jealous when she saw her coworker’s promotion. Jenna was unenvious and genuinely happy for her coworker.
Open His jealous comments were causing strain in their relationship. His open approach improved communication and trust.
Supportive Laura’s jealous tendencies often resulted in arguments with her partner. Laura’s supportive nature ensured a healthy and loving relationship.
Trusting Mark’s jealous behavior made his girlfriend question his trust. Mark’s trusting attitude helped strengthen their bond.
Celebrating Instead of feeling jealous, Mary was genuinely celebrating her friend’s success. Mary’s celebrating spirit made her friend feel supported and valued.
Comfortable They were jealous of their neighbor’s new car. They were comfortable with their own vehicle and didn’t covet others’.
Appreciative Being jealous of his colleague’s promotion was weighing on him. Being appreciative of his job and current position lifted his spirits.
Ungrudging Rather than feeling jealous when others succeeded, she was always ungrudging in her praise. Ungrudging with compliments, she created a positive and supportive environment.
Satisfied Mick’s jealous outbursts were damaging his friendships. Mick learned to be satisfied with his own achievements and stopped comparing himself to others.
Philanthropic The jealous artist couldn’t appreciate his contemporaries’ success. The philanthropic artist graciously acknowledged and celebrated others’ achievements.
Trustworthy Her jealous behavior created doubts about her loyalty. Her trustworthy character was evident in the way she supported and valued her friends.
Secure John’s jealous fits of rage jeopardized his relationship. John’s secure confidence in himself and his partner brought stability to their bond.
Sympathetic She couldn’t help but feel jealous when her friend received an award. She was always sympathetic and happy for her friend’s success.
Benevolent Rather than being jealous of others’ good fortune, he was benevolent in his actions and words. His benevolent attitude fostered an atmosphere of generosity and goodwill.
Grateful Her jealous attitude towards the achievements of her colleagues was affecting her work relationships. By being grateful for her own accomplishments and those of others, she fostered positive connections.
Peaceful Rebecca was jealous of her sister’s easy-going demeanor. Rebecca learned to be peaceful in her own reactions and embrace a more relaxed approach.
Generous Peter’s jealous attitude towards his friends’ success was damaging their friendship. Peter decided to be generous in his praise and support, building stronger bonds with others.
Serene Despite feeling jealous at first, Alex found a way to be serene in the face of his friend’s achievements. By cultivating a serene mindset, Alex managed to let go of negative emotions and celebrate others’ successes.
Kind Maria’s jealous comments about her coworker’s promotion were hurtful. Maria realized the importance of being kind and supportive of others in their successes.
Appreciative Sarah’s jealous attitude was causing rifts in her friendships. Sarah learned to be appreciative of the success of others, promoting positivity and harmony in her relationships.
Confident His jealous behavior stemmed from his lack of self-esteem. As he grew more confident in himself, his jealousy faded away.
Encouraging Tom tended to get jealous of his friend’s achievements. Tom made a conscious effort to be encouraging and supportive of his friend’s successes.
Harmonious Although she was initially jealous of her friend’s new house, she found a way to be harmonious with her own circumstances. Cultivating a harmonious mindset helped her appreciate and celebrate both her friend’s success and her own.
Compassionate Mark’s jealous remarks were fueled by his insecurities. Mark’s innate compassionate nature led him to support and uplift others, easing his jealousy.
Secure Feeling jealous of her sister’s beauty was a constant source of anguish for Emily. Emily worked on feeling secure in her own skin, embracing her uniqueness and letting go of comparison.
Friendly His jealous remarks towards his friend’s accomplishments were creating distance. Choosing to be friendly and genuinely happy for his friend brought them closer and strengthened their bond.
Gracious The jealous artist struggled to appreciate the success of others in the industry. Embracing a more gracious mindset, the artist began to genuinely celebrate and learn from the achievements of fellow creatives.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of JEALOUS

It’s important to cultivate a mindset free from jealousy, as resentment and insecurity can hinder personal growth and damage relationships. Instead of feeling envious, focus on celebrating the success and happiness of others, fostering a sense of contentment and goodwill. Embrace feelings of admiration and support towards others, allowing for positive connections and a sense of community.

By releasing jealousy and embracing its antonyms like contentment and admiration, we can experience greater inner peace and harmony. Building a foundation of trust and confidence in ourselves can lead to healthier relationships and a more fulfilling life, free from the toxic cycle of comparison and envy.

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