Opposite of NATURAL – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for natural are words that refer to the opposite of natural characteristics, behaviors, or qualities. These antonyms represent concepts that are not typically found in nature or are in direct contrast to what is considered natural. By understanding antonyms for natural, one can gain a better comprehension of the diverse range of attributes and phenomena that exist in the world.

These antonyms often highlight man-made or artificial elements in contrast to the organic or innate aspects of nature. They provide a linguistic tool to express ideas, feelings, or objects that deviate from the natural order of things. Antonyms for natural can encompass a wide spectrum of concepts, from synthetic materials to societal constructs that are opposite to what is derived from the natural environment.

Recognizing antonyms for natural can enhance one’s ability to communicate effectively and convey precise meanings in various contexts. By acknowledging these opposite terms, individuals can enrich their vocabulary and articulate distinctions between what is organic and what is manufactured or constructed. Understanding the antonyms for natural contributes to a more comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted world we live in.

35 Antonyms for NATURAL With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for natural. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding NATURAL antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Natural Sentence with Antonym
Artificial She preferred natural fibers in her clothing. He chose artificial flowers for the centerpiece.
Unnatural Swimming in the crystal-clear lake felt natural to her. The loud noise in the city was unnatural to the locals.
Synthetic The medicine was made from natural ingredients. The jacket was made from synthetic materials.
Contrived His smile seemed forced and not natural. Her laugh was genuine and contrived.
Unfeigned Her gratitude for the help she received was natural. His apology felt insincere and unfeigned.
Fake Her emotions were raw and natural after the breakup. His smile seemed fake and unnatural.
Affected She was known for her down-to-earth and natural demeanor. He put on an affected and unnatural air around others.
Spurious His enthusiasm for learning felt natural and genuine. Her compliments seemed spurious and insincere.
Staged Their conversations flowed naturally and effortlessly. The meeting felt too staged and not natural at all.
Phony Her laughter was infectious and natural. His personality came off as phony and unnatural.
Feigned Her smile was bright and natural. His interest in the topic seemed feigned and forced.
Forced The forest was untouched and natural. The garden seemed overdone and forced.
Plastic She believed in using natural beauty products. Her lifestyle revolved around plastic and artificial things.
Genuine His appreciation for the art was natural. Her compliments felt insincere, not genuine.
Insincere The bond between them felt easy and natural. His apology seemed insincere and not natural.
Inauthentic Her writing style was natural and authentic. His stories felt inauthentic and unnatural.
Honest Being natural and truthful was her way of living. His explanations seemed dishonest and not honest.
Unaffected The river flowed naturally through the valley. Her reactions were too calculated and unaffected.
Unforced Her smile was bright and natural in the photo. His laughter seemed forced and unforced.
Genuine His admiration for her success was natural and sincere. Her praise for her colleague seemed insincere and genuine.
Unpretentious She was known for her down-to-earth and natural way of speaking. His behavior was pretentious and not unpretentious.
Unadulterated The flavors in the dish tasted fresh and natural. The drink had an unadulterated taste, without added flavors.
Unaffected Her emotions during the speech seemed natural. His response felt unaffected and indifferent.
Unfeigned Her kindness towards strangers was always natural. His smile felt forced and unfeigned.
Unaltered The landscape was beautiful in its natural state. The painting looked better after being unaltered by the artist.
Uncontrived His writing style felt natural and effortless. Her attempts at humor seemed forced and uncontrived.
Unsophisticated Her approach to cooking was simple and natural. His tastes leaned more towards the extravagant and unsophisticated.
Unaffected Her speech flowed naturally and without hesitation. His reaction seemed rude and unaffected by her words.
Unassumed The bond between them felt natural and unforced. His expressions were dramatic and not unassumed.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of NATURAL

In the realm of the unnatural, artificial substances and creations come to life. Whether it be synthetic, man-made, or counterfeit, these elements stand in opposition to the natural world we know. In contrast to the organic, genuine, and authentic, the unnatural embodies a distinct departure from the authentic essence of nature.

As we navigate between the various antonyms for “natural,” it becomes evident that the unnatural represents a divergence from the intrinsic qualities of the world around us. By exploring these opposing terms, we gain a deeper understanding of the dichotomy between the genuine and the artificial, shedding light on the complexities of our ever-evolving relationship with the natural world.

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