Opposite of PERSUADE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When attempting to change someone’s mind or sway their opinion on a particular matter, we often rely on the act of persuading. Persuasion involves the use of reasoning, emotional appeal, or convincing arguments to influence someone to agree with our point of view. However, there are times when we encounter resistance or opposition to our attempts to persuade, leading us to seek alternative approaches.

When persuasion proves unsuccessful, exploring antonyms for persuade can provide insight into other methods of communication. Antonyms for persuade are words or tactics that go against the act of convincing or influencing someone’s beliefs or actions. By understanding these antonyms, we can adapt our communication style to be more respectful of differing viewpoints and increase the chances of a meaningful exchange.

By recognizing the antonyms for persuade, we can learn to approach discussions with an open mind and foster healthy dialogue, even when faced with disagreements. Embracing alternative methods of communication can lead to better understanding, improved relationships, and more effective ways to convey our thoughts without resorting to persuasion.

35 Antonyms for PERSUADE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for persuade. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PERSUADE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Persuade Sentence with Antonym
Discourage She tried to persuade him to go to the party, but he still refused. She tried to discourage him from going to the party, but he was determined to attend.
Dissuade The salesperson persuaded her to buy the more expensive product. Despite her friend’s best efforts to dissuade her, she ended up purchasing the cheaper option.
Deter They successfully persuaded him to not drop out of school. Despite the obstacles, nothing could deter him from leaving his education behind.
Force He eventually persuaded them to join his team for the project. There was no need to force them into participating as they willingly agreed to be a part of his team.
Coax She was able to persuade her husband to take her out for dinner. No amount of coaxing could persuade her husband to go out with her for dinner.
Influence The speaker’s words had the power to persuade the crowd. The opposition’s strong arguments had a greater influence over the audience.
Convince She managed to persuade her parents to let her go on the trip. Despite her best efforts, she couldn’t convince her parents to agree to the journey.
Bully The group tried to persuade him through intimidation. They attempted to bully him into agreeing with their plan.
Compel The evidence provided was enough to persuade the jury of his innocence. The overwhelming evidence was not enough to compel the jury to convict him.
Repel His charisma was enough to persuade anyone to follow him. His repulsive behavior served to repel those around him.
Pressure The team leader used various tactics to persuade the team to work overtime. Despite the pressure, the team refused to be pressured into putting in extra hours.
Bully The leader tried to persuade the team with his authoritative tone. The leader resorted to bullying the team into compliance when persuasion failed.
Manipulate She was skilled at persuading people to do her bidding. Rather than allow herself to be manipulated, she stood her ground.
Induce The speaker’s speech was able to persuade the attendees to donate. Despite various attempts to induce the crowd to give, they remained unmoved.
Allure The idea of a tropical vacation persuaded them to plan their trip immediately. The lackluster advertisement failed to allure potential travelers to the vacation offer.
Guide The teacher’s advice persuaded the student to make the right choice. The misleading information throughout misguided him in various ways, influencing his decision.
Plead He persuaded his friends to join him for a road trip. Despite his pleading, none of his friends agreed to accompany him.
Encourage The coach’s words were able to persuade the team to try harder. The lack of support discouraged the team from putting their best effort forward.
Admonish She persuaded her sister to tell the truth about the incident. He continued to admonish his sister for lying about the situation.
Compel The evidence was enough to persuade the jury of his guilt. The lack of substantial evidence failed to compel the jury to make a decision.
Entrap The smooth-talking salesman persuaded the customers to buy unnecessary products. The customers realized they were being entrapped into making purchases they didn’t need.
Oblige The sincere tone of his voice made it easy for him to persuade others to help him. Despite being asked multiple times, I couldn’t oblige his request for assistance.
Irk The constant nagging was enough to persuade him to take action. It took a lot of patience to not let the annoyance irk him into reacting impulsively.
Elicit His heartfelt plea persuaded them to donate to the cause. The lack of emotion failed to elicit any support from those present.
Request She persuaded her parents to allow her to attend the party. Despite the constant requests from their daughter, they continued to deny her permission.
Tantalize The tempting offer was enough to persuade him to splurge on unnecessary items. The lack of interest made it impossible to tantalize him into making impulse purchases.
Obedience The authoritative figure persuaded the group to follow orders without question. The lack of compliance was a clear sign of their disobedience to being obedient to authority.
Seduce His smooth words were able to persuade her to trust him without hesitation. Despite multiple attempts to seduce her into believing his lies, she remained skeptical.
Nudge He kept persuading her to try out the new restaurant in town. No amount of gentle nudging could convince her to give the new place a chance.
Secluded The peaceful surroundings were able to persuade them to retire in the secluded area. The bustling city life was enough to dissuade them from settling down in a secluded location.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PERSUADE

In conclusion, while individuals may attempt to sway, encourage, or influence others, there are also occasions when they may choose to deter, dissuade, or discourage instead. The use of different antonyms for persuade highlights the diverse ways in which communication can shape decisions and actions. By understanding these contrasting approaches, one can appreciate the complexity of human interaction and the importance of considering alternative viewpoints in any persuasive exchange. Ultimately, the array of antonyms for persuade underscores the multifaceted nature of communication and the various strategies that can be employed to convey messages effectively.

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