Opposite of PRECLUDE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for preclude are the words or phrases that represent the opposite meaning of preclude. They are the terms that indicate the absence of hindrance or obstruction, allowing for something to take place or exist without prevention or exclusion.

By exploring antonyms for preclude, individuals can gain a better understanding of the various possibilities, opportunities, and outcomes that are not restricted or limited by obstacles. These antonyms provide a contrasting perspective to the concept of preclusion, highlighting alternative paths or scenarios that are not impeded or ruled out.

Understanding the antonyms for preclude can broaden one’s perspective and enable them to consider different options or solutions that are not preemptively eliminated or restricted. By exploring these opposites of preclusion, one can envision a range of possibilities and outcomes that are not hindered or prohibited, leading to a more comprehensive understanding of the situation at hand.

35 Antonyms for PRECLUDE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for preclude. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PRECLUDE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Preclude Sentence with Antonym
Allow The rainy weather precludes us from having a picnic. The sunny day allows us to have a picnic.
Permit Strict security measures preclude unauthorized access. Relaxed security measures permit unauthorized access.
Enable Lack of internet connection precludes us from working online. Strong internet connection enables us to work online.
Facilitate The damaged road precludes smooth traffic flow. The newly constructed road facilitates smooth traffic flow.
Encourage Negative comments preclude him from pursuing his passion. Positive feedback encourages him to pursue his passion.
Promote Poor performance precludes promotion opportunities. Outstanding performance promotes promotion opportunities.
Allowance Strict rules preclude any form of allowance. Lenient rules allow for an allowance.
Support Insufficient evidence precludes any support for his claim. Convincing evidence supports his claim.
Include Exclusion criteria preclude certain individuals from the study. Inclusion criteria include all eligible participants in the study.
Admit His arrogance precludes him from admitting his mistakes. His humility admits his mistakes.
Embrace Fear of failure precludes her from embracing new opportunities. Courage to(=Fearlessness to) take risks embraces new opportunities.
Incorporate The limitations of the budget preclude incorporating new features into the project. Sufficient funds incorporate new features into the project.
Allowance Stringent regulations preclude any form of financial allowance. Flexible policies allow for financial allowance.
Advance Unexpected obstacles preclude any advancement in the project. Smooth progress advances the project.
Advance Fierce competition precludes any advance to the next round. Lack of competition advances participants to the next round.
Facilitate Equipment failure precludes the facilitation of the training session. Proper functioning equipment facilitates the training session.
Welcome Unpleasant behavior precludes a welcome reception. Friendly attitude welcomes a warm reception.
Entertain A busy schedule precludes the entertainment of unexpected guests. A free day entertains the company of unexpected guests.
Permit Unfinished paperwork precludes the permit for construction. Completed documents permits the start of construction.
Help Lack of resources precludes any form of help for the homeless. Abundance of resources helps the homeless.
Entry Missing invitation precludes entry to the exclusive event. Presenting invitation grants entry to the exclusive event.
Launch Technical difficulties preclude the planned launch of the product. Solved technical issues launch the product successfully.
Disallow The strict policy precludes disallow any exceptions. The lenient policy allows disallowing exceptions.
Cover Cloudy skies preclude the coverage of the big event. Clear skies cover the coverage of the big event.
Omit Incomplete data precludes the omission of certain details. Comprehensive data allows the omission of unnecessary details.
Embrace Misunderstandings preclude the embrace of diversity. Open communication embraces the embrace of diversity.
Involve Personal bias precludes the involvement of all team members. Impartial decisions involve the involvement of all team members.
Enter Intense security checks preclude unauthorized entry to the building. Valid identification allows authorized entry to the building.
Contest Lack of eligible participants precludes the contest from happening. Sufficient contestants contest for the winning title.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PRECLUDE

In essence, the existence of opportunities can prevent the occurrence of constraints. By fostering openness, possibilities are unlocked and limitations are eliminated. Embracing inclusivity can dissolve barriers, enabling the fulfillment of ambitions. The presence of options paves the way for the absence of restrictions.

Ultimately, the presence of choices can counteract the absence of restrictions. Welcoming acceptance can counter the exclusion of certain possibilities. By acknowledging the coexistence of different paths, the idea of limitation is challenged and replaced with boundless potential. The antonyms of preclude showcase how embracing diversity and flexibility can pave the way for endless opportunities.

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