Opposite of PRIVILEGED – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Words that serve as the opposite of “privileged” pave the way for exploring a realm of disparity, where inequities and injustices become apparent. Antonyms for privileged shed light on the disparities in societal advantages and opportunities that individuals may encounter. By delving into these contrasting terms, a clearer understanding of privilege, its implications, and the diverse experiences of people can be gained.

Antonyms for privileged are words that denote the absence of advantage or special rights, often highlighting the lack of access to resources or opportunities enjoyed by those considered privileged. These terms offer insight into the challenges faced by marginalized communities and individuals who may not benefit from the same societal benefits and privileges as others. The exploration of antonyms for privileged brings attention to the various ways in which inequality and discrimination can manifest in society.

By examining antonyms for privileged, a critical lens is applied to societal structures and systems, allowing for a comprehensive assessment of power dynamics and prevailing disparities. These contrasting terms serve as a tool for reflecting on privilege, social justice, and the need for equity in diverse contexts. Through the exploration of antonyms for privileged, a deeper awareness of the complexities of privilege and its impact on individuals and communities can be achieved.

35 Antonyms for PRIVILEGED With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for privileged. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PRIVILEGED antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Privileged Sentence with Antonym
Disadvantaged The privileged students had access to private tutors The disadvantaged students lacked access to resources
Underprivileged The privileged families lived in gated communities The underprivileged families lived in low-income housing
Oppressed The privileged individuals received preferential treatment The oppressed individuals faced discrimination
Impoverished The privileged students attended prestigious universities The impoverished students struggled to afford education
Deprived The privileged athlete had state-of-the-art training facilities The deprived athlete lacked proper equipment
Unprivileged The privileged employees had flexible working hours The unprivileged employees had strict schedules
Disempowered The privileged guest received VIP treatment The disempowered individual was ignored and mistreated
Unfavorable The privileged candidate had connections in high places The unfavorable candidate lacked support and resources
Subjugated The privileged members of society enjoyed luxuries The subjugated members of society faced oppression
Needy The privileged students had access to the latest technology The needy students lacked basic school supplies
Unfortunate The privileged family traveled first class The unfortunate family could barely afford economy seats
Unadvantaged The privileged individual inherited a large fortune The unadvantaged individual struggled to make ends meet
Penniless The privileged couple bought a vacation home The penniless couple lived paycheck to paycheck
Marginalized The privileged residents of the gated community had exclusive access The marginalized residents were excluded from opportunities
Disenfranchised The privileged delegates had reserved seating The disenfranchised delegates were left standing
Unprosperous The privileged businessman owned multiple successful businesses The unprosperous businessman filed for bankruptcy
Destitute The privileged family took extravagant vacations The destitute family struggled to put food on the table
Disprivileged The privileged artist had a solo exhibition The disprivileged artist struggled to showcase work
Unequal The privileged students had access to high-quality education The unequal students lacked resources for learning
Needy The privileged family dined at exclusive restaurants The needy family relied on food banks for meals
Unlucky The privileged athlete signed a lucrative contract The unlucky athlete suffered a career-ending injury
Despondent The privileged members of society held influential positions The despondent members struggled to find stable employment
Restricted The privileged group had access to private beaches The restricted group was denied entry to the beach
Deprived The privileged travelers stayed in luxury accommodations The deprived travelers slept on park benches
Hard-pressed The privileged student attended an elite private school The hard-pressed student could not afford tuition fees
Unfavored The privileged participants received exclusive access The unfavored participants were denied entry
Hapless The privileged individuals dined at Michelin-starred restaurants The hapless individuals struggled to put food on the table
Destitute The privileged couple bought a luxury yacht The destitute couple lived in a rundown apartment
Impecunious The privileged businessman invested in various successful ventures The impecunious businessman struggled to pay bills
Unsuccessful The privileged artist showcased work in prestigious galleries The unsuccessful artist’s work was often rejected
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PRIVILEGED

Not everyone is fortunate and has access to the same advantages in life. While some may be wealthy and influential, others may be marginalized and underprivileged. It is important to acknowledge these disparities and work towards creating a more equitable society where everyone has equal opportunities and rights. By recognizing and addressing the inequalities faced by those who are not privileged, we can strive for a more just and inclusive world for all.

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