Opposite of ROUND – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When it comes to shapes, the term “round” typically brings to mind smooth curves and circular forms. However, in the vast world of language and vocabulary, there are many different words that serve as antonyms to “round.” These words represent shapes and forms that deviate from the traditional circular definition of round and provide contrast in meaning.

Antonyms for round encompass a wide range of descriptors that highlight shapes that are angular, jagged, or irregular in nature. By identifying these opposite terms to round, we can effectively expand our understanding of geometric vocabulary and the nuances of shape descriptions. This diverse set of antonyms adds depth and variety to our language, offering alternative ways to convey specific characteristics of different forms.

Exploring antonyms for round not only broadens our knowledge of shape vocabulary but also enhances our ability to communicate with precision and clarity. By incorporating these contrasting terms into our language use, we can add richness and depth to our descriptions of shapes and objects. Embracing antonyms for round allows for a more nuanced and detailed expression of visual elements in our everyday communications.

35 Antonyms for ROUND With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for round. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding ROUND antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Round Sentence with Antonym
Square The clock has round edges. The box has sharp square corners.
Straight The cat curled into a round ball. The ruler is straight, not curved.
Edged The table has a round top. The knife has a sharp edged blade.
Angular She wore a beautiful round necklace. The building has a unique angular structure.
Boxed The artist painted a round sun. The toy is packaged in a boxed container.
Jagged The coin rolled in a round shape. The rock has a jagged surface.
Oval The moon is round in the sky. Her face is more oval in shape.
Rectangular He drew a round circle on the paper. The table is rectangular, not round.
Sharp The ball rolled in a round motion. Be careful with the sharp corners.
Linear The cat chased its round tail. The road ahead is long and linear.
Polyhedral She bought a crystal round bowl. The dice are polyhedral, not round.
Straight-lined The sculpture is round and smooth. Her painting has straight-lined patterns.
Uneven They sat in a round circle. The ground is rough and uneven.
Pointed The pearl necklace is round in shape. The star has five pointed tips.
Oblong She prefers round plates for dinner. The cake was in a long oblong shape.
Angular The wheel is round and spins smoothly. The rock has a rough angular edge.
Triangular The clock has a round face. The flag has a triangular shape.
Irregular The moon is round and bright tonight. The tree branches have irregular shapes.
Crooked The table has a top that is round. The path through the forest is crooked.
Square The wheel turned in a perfect round motion. The tile on the floor is square-shaped.
Elongated She chose a round table for the room. The footprint in the mud was elongated.
Sharp The wheel rolled in a smooth round motion. Watch out for the sharp edges on the object.
Angular The beautiful round mirror reflects light. The lamp has a modern angular design.
Linear The panda rolled into a round ball. The road stretches out in a straight linear line.
Triangular The sun looks perfectly round in the sky. She drew a few colorful triangular shapes.
Uneven The dough was shaped into a round ball. The ground outside is bumpy and uneven.
Oval The clock on the wall is perfectly round. Her locket is in the shape of a small oval.
Rectangular The moon is a bright round shape above. The rug on the floor fits the rectangular room perfectly.
Irregular The basketball court has a round shape. The stones in the garden have wild and irregular patterns.
Jagged The plate is full of food in a round pile. The torn paper has jagged edges.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of ROUND

In conclusion, shapes come in all forms, some may be described as angular or sharp while others are soft and curvy. Round is an antonym for square, sharp, and angular, describing a shape that is smooth, circular, and lacking edges. The antonyms for round highlight the diversity of shapes we encounter in the world around us, from the sharp corners of a square to the smooth curves of a circle. Understanding and appreciating these differences can enhance our perception of the objects and environments we interact with daily. Shapes that are not round can offer a sense of strength, stability, and order, contrasting with the fluidity and balance often associated with round shapes.

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