Opposite of MORES – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Understanding antonyms for mores involves examining the contrasting terms that represent societal norms and values. Mores refer to the accepted customs and behaviors within a particular society, while antonyms counteract these expectations with contrasting beliefs or practices. By exploring the opposite of mores, one can gain insights into the diverse range of cultural perspectives and values present in different societies.

Examining antonyms for mores allows for a deeper understanding of how social standards can vary and conflict across different communities. By identifying these contrasting ideas and behaviors, we can appreciate the complexity of cultural differences and the diversity of moral codes that exist in the world. Antonyms for mores offer a lens through which we can analyze the fluid nature of societal norms and the dynamic interactions between tradition and modernity.

Exploring the concept of antonyms for mores provides a valuable opportunity to challenge assumptions and broaden our perspectives on cultural norms and values. By acknowledging the existence of contrasting beliefs and practices, we can foster a more inclusive and empathetic approach towards understanding the diverse customs and traditions that shape societies worldwide.

35 Antonyms for MORES With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for mores. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding MORES antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Mores Sentence with Antonym
Casual The mores of this community are strict. The community has a very casual way of life.
Unconventional She follows the mores of her culture. Her behavior is quite unconventional according to societal norms.
Unrestricted The mores of the society are rigid. People in this society lead an unrestricted lifestyle.
Irregular The tribal mores dictate every aspect of life. Their way of life is quite irregular in the region.
Flexible The mores of the organization are inflexible. The company has a very flexible approach to rules.
Unconstrained The mores of the religious community are strict. Their religious beliefs are unconstrained and open to interpretation.
Informal The social mores are deeply ingrained. Everyone in this community behaves in an informal manner.
Immoral Breaking societal mores can have consequences. Some consider their actions to be immoral according to tradition.
Modern She adheres to traditional mores in her family. She finds the modern lifestyle more appealing.
Relaxed The mores of this group are conservative. People appear to have a more relaxed attitude towards accepted behavior.
Progressive The mores of the region have not changed for centuries. There is a progressive movement towards new societal norms in this area.
Lax The society strictly follows cultural mores. In contrast, the workplace is quite lax about rules.
Free-spirited The mores of this community discourage individuality. People here are known for being free-spirited and independent.
Open-minded The mores of the family are very traditional. They have adopted a more open-minded approach to their lifestyle.
Permissive She respects the mores of her ancestors. Her parents are quite permissive when it comes to customs.
Non-traditional The mores of the nation are deeply rooted. Individuals are drawn to a more non-traditional way of life here.
Unconventional Society frowns upon breaking mores. She revels in everything that is unconventional.
Free The mores of the group are strict. They value a sense of being free from restrictive customs.
Casual He follows the mores of his community. His carefree and casual attitude is apparent to all.
Rebellious The mores of the culture promote conformity. She has always been known for her rebellious nature.
Unregulated Following societal mores is expected. Living an unregulated life is more appealing to him.
Liberal The strict mores govern every aspect of life. They believe in a more liberal approach to social norms.
Unrestricted The strict mores are to be obeyed. He prefers a life that is unrestricted by societal rules.
Nonconformist People adhere strictly to societal mores. She prides herself on being a nonconformist.
Casual Living according to the mores is important. She prefers a more relaxed and casual lifestyle.
Unrestrained The mores dictate behavior. Personal expression is often unrestrained in this community.
Individualistic The mores emphasize conformity. They value being individualistic and unique in their beliefs.
Untraditional The mores are deeply entrenched. A more untraditional way of life is emerging among the youth.
Uninhibited Upholding traditional mores is crucial. Some prefer to live in an uninhibited manner.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of MORES

In conclusion, societal norms encompass behavior deemed acceptable and expected by a culture, while antonyms for mores represent actions that diverge from these established standards. These deviations can lead to nonconformity and even social ostracism, highlighting the importance of adhering to prevailing mores for acceptance within a community. Understanding and respecting the antonyms for mores can shed light on different perspectives and foster a more inclusive and diverse society where differing viewpoints are acknowledged and valued. Embracing a range of societal values can ultimately lead to a more tolerant and accepting world.

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